Matthew Fleeger Bio

A leading light in the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger began his illustrious career in 1986. Though Fleeger was keen to delve into the business world, he knew that earning a college degree was a necessary steppingstone. Fleeger attended the Southern Methodist University where he cultivated knowledge on finance and marketing. Fleeger maintains that a firm understanding of these fields bodes well for entrepreneurial success. After graduating, Fleeger immersed himself in his line of work. In the hopes of gleaning substantial experience, Fleeger assumed numerous roles at various Texas-based oil companies.

As time progressed, Fleeger developed a vast skill set. Said skills earned Fleeger an honorable reputation in his domain. As a result, companies were eager to bring Fleeger on board. As Fleeger began dipping his toes into executive roles, his eminence blossomed. In 1993, Fleeger felt confident enough in his capabilities to venture out on his own. Fleeger’s creation of MedSolutions, a company aimed at treating medical waste, marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Fleeger took a shine to his administrative duties and rapidly ascended through the ranks. Transitioning from CEO to president, Fleeger reached the pinnacle of his career at MedSolutions.

In 2007, Fleeger was offered the deal of a lifetime. Stericycle, a similar enterprise to MedSolutions, approached Fleeger with hopes of acquiring his company. Fleeger demonstrated his master negotiating skills after selling the company for $59 million. Fleeger believes that his background in finance lent a helping hand in establishing this deal. With Fleeger no longer at the helm of MedSolutions, a world of business opportunities awaited him. After much consideration, Fleeger decided to work for his father’s oil and gas company, Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger is currently the CEO of Gulf Coast Western as well as the co-creator of two tanning companies, Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan.

Steve Ritchie the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza Apologized to their Customers

Papa John’s is one of the largest restaurant chains that delivers pizza within the US. It has its headquarters in Kentucky, Jeffersontown. Steve Ritchie is the current CEO and president at Papa John’s Pizza. Before Steve Ritchie’s leadership position, he had different roles at the Papa John’s Pizza since he joined in 1996.

The determined man began working at Papa John’s company as the representative for customer service and his salary was $6 every hour. He later became the delivery driver, then store general manager. In 2006, he became the franchise operator and owner. Recently, he became the COO, Chief Operating Officer, of the delivery company.

There is no doubt that Steve Ritchie will take Papa John’s Pizza Company to a completely new level especially when he apologized to his customers via email for any offensive words said. To him, any offensive views or words no way constitute either the company or Steve Ritchie. He then assured Papa John’s customers that no insensitive, as well as racism language, will ever be tolerated by the company.

The delivery company has nearly 120, 000 corporate together with franchise team group around the globe. It has a goal of offering great services and better pizza to all its customers. In the apologizing letter, Steve Ritchie shared with his company’s customers how they are going to offer them much better services than ever before.

  • The company will bring outside masterly to aid audit its diversity, conclusion, and culture practices.
  • The senior management group of Papa John’s will open its ears to the company’s franchisees and employees to get their feedback in which they believe it can aid them to keep improving and moving forward.
  • Papa John’s company will be very transparent to its customers as well as working team.

Steve Ritchie even promised to lead the efforts. To him, there is nothing more valuable to the company than gaining its customer’s trust once again. The good bit is that Steve Ritchie understands that earning it will not be a walk in the park, but he is extremely determined to translate his words into action.

Igor Cornelsen: Passive Income Is Complicated But Worth The Effort

When you make an investment, it’s important to make sure that the benefits aren’t just short-term and you have a portfolio that will bring you and your family wealth for generations. This is known as passive income and Igor Cornelsen believes that with the right amount of planning people can use it to work less while making more money. Beginning the process of creating passive income can be a difficult and confusing process, but the effort is worth it and there are many ways in which this can be accomplished.

When the economy is unstable, investing in the stock market can get even more complicated. Igor Cornelsen knows this first hand as a financial investor in Brazil. In order to be successful, he states that it is important to have a lot of knowledge and be confident in the decisions you make. The only other possible alternative is failure and while it may not be the preferred route, it’s usually the most common. It’s important to not give up and to make sure that you go into every investment decision being well informed of everything involved in the process.

Igor Cornelsen has found a lot of success even in the unstable economy of Brazil. He’s been helping people create passive income and other types of revenue by making investments into unstable economies. Through his direct assistance, even his peers are able to benefit from his wide breadth of knowledge and investment advice. He also issues public statements concerning different aspects of the economy, potential investment opportunities, and advice.

The native of Curitiba, Brazil’s insight into banking, business, and the stock market of Brazil is among the best in the country. Igor Cornelsen has worked in the financial industry for several decades and has developed valuable leadership skills in the industry. Helps Other Businesses While Bolstering Its Own

China’s traditional booksellers who still operate out of stores in a physical location have just gotten a massive boost from a company that operates in the same medium that has previously hurt traditional book sales. China’s e-commerce leader is providing some invaluable services to booksellers that are dramatically helping them with their overall sales and efficiency.


With a worldwide drop in book sales that are purchased from actual physical bookstores, today’s businesses that continue to operate in this model are now looking for new ways to continue to thrive. The new service offered from leading Chinese retailer is proving to be instrumental in helping these businesses to expand and innovate in their individual ways.


This is being accomplished by giving them the benefit of JD’s high powered technology and sophisticated logistical network that has helped them to rise to the prominent position of the leader in ultra competitive Chinese sector of e-commerce.. has been exploring a number of new ways to increase is own ability to serve its customers while at the same time helping other businesses with their own. The service that provides, by which small and mid-sized businesses can take advantage of the company’s logistical network, is a truly symbiotic relationship that is being developed between and its partner businesses. This move to aid brick-and-mortar bookstores is the latest in’s moves to continue expanding its own business model through partnership. Read This Article to learn more.


Guangzhou’s Tangning Books is one firm that has particularly benefited from partnering with The bookseller operates two locations offline but is now working closely with, particularly in the area of book replenishment and logistics.


The results so far have been outstanding as Tangning has seen significant growth in its profits since beginning to work with as a partner. There have been countless similar stories in the Chinese small and mid-sized business world as more firms begin to take advantage of being able to partner with and utilize the firm’s outstanding logistical platform.


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