Kimberly Bakker : Tips On How To Throw A Party This Holiday Season


It’s that time of year again, the air is a tad colder, the kids are on vacation and relatives are coming in to celebrate the seasons with you, but are you ready for them? With the holidays just around the corner that can only mean one thing, planning parties, and the sooner you begin the smoother all your festivities will go. Although this season you don’t have to go at it alone, Kimberly Bakker or Kimberly Bakker Events, one of San Francisco’s most experienced event planners lays out for us a few tips and tricks to making your holiday events more memorable and fun for the whole family.

One of Kimberly Bakker’s first suggestions is not to forget to immerse yourself in your party. Often we are sidetracked by wanting to make sure that enough food is on the floor and people’s drinks are being refilled, however, Bakker urges us not to forget to be a gracious host. This does not mean only catering to your relatives, but also engaging with them throughout the night, after all, they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t want to spend their holidays with you.

In keeping with a family theme, Kimberly Bakker’s events almost always revolve around the atmosphere that the party is giving off. In your case, by putting out a family heirloom such as a necklace or furniture piece, an atmosphere of family connection and love can really build up to form conversations and a sense of togetherness.

Finally, don’t overspend on decorations and other unnecessary expenses. The holidays should not be a time of stress, therefore Kimberly Bakker suggests taking a good look at your budget and seeing what can be feasibly be done within your budget without breaking the bank. Starting early is the best route for a budget-friendly party as holiday item prices tend to rise as it gets closer to those dates. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Ryan Seacrest’s Career Life

Ryan Seacrest, the famous producer, and co-host has made a name for himself and holds different positions in broadcast and cable television. On the radio, Ryan Seacrest brings you several nationally syndicated radio shows, has grown career wise to become a co-host with Kelly Ripa and joined the Emmy-winning team. As an entrepreneur, Ryan has ventured into different facets of entertainment companies and media. His philanthropic efforts are also noticeable as he embarks on youth-oriented initiatives that have made a significant impact around the country.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan has built a reputation on radio through his nationally syndicated show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” a morning drive-time show that airs on KISS-FM in Los Angeles. This radio station is owned by iHeartMedia. Ryan is also the host of the Top 40 Radio Show, another nationally syndicated show.

On television, Ryan is both a co-host and executive producer. He is the New Year’s Eve executive producer, an annual program that airs on ABC. He also hosts Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest, E! Lives from the Red Carpet. Ryan launched Ryan Seacrest Productions in 2006 and had steered the company to exponential growth. RSP has won an Emmy award and is responsible for the scripted, unscripted, and digital programming. Ryan Seacrest Production is responsible for shows like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” I love Kellie Pickler, Shahs of Sunset, E! Live from the Red Carpet as well as Shades of Blue, which stars Jenifer Lopez.

Ryan Seacrest has also made individual investments in Civic Entertainment Group, a marketing company, Attn. Z news media Company that a which is an emerging media, and entertainment company that is responsible for In Real Life (IRL) YouTube experience.

He has also established Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a menswear line and Polished by Dr. Lancer, a men’s skincare line in collaboration with Hollywood famous dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer. Ryan Chairs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that has established Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals in different cities around the country. He also has a longstanding endorsement from Coca-Cola and Ford companies.


The History of the Growth of OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds has grown into a fully Global, privatize corporation which has ties to one of the largest restaurant chains in the entire Globe: McDonalds. It started out with a couple of German immigrants in the Chicago area who were proficient Meat Distributors that made meat for a burgeoning McDonald’s at its youth, in Des Plaines, Illinois, under the leadership of Ray Kroc. As McDonald’s grew, so did OSI Group McDonalds. And now currently, David McDonald who is the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group McDonalds has spent a great deal of time laying the foundation for OSI Asia, which carefully integrates the Taiwanese and Chinese culture into the supply chain for some of the meat products in the Asiatic and Pacific areas. More about of OSI Group McDonalds at Forbes

On top of all of this, In 1975 the now CEO of OSI Group McDonalds Sheldon Lavin changed the name from Otto and Sons in order to become more globally available and professional in appearance. This move, in combination with entering other world markets besides North America, have propelled this group to the top of the food chain (literally). But family is also a large Focus for OSI Group McDonalds, as stated by David McDonald himself (who got a degree in animal Sciences from Iowa State University after growing up on a farm his entire life). “It is important to note that, within OSI, we value family. Our people and our customers are viewed as family. The products that we make should be good enough to serve to our respective families proudly.”

In terms of European food market acquisition, this private company has been able to acquire the Baho group out of the Netherlands, and the Creative Foods Europe group as well. These key acquisitions were paramount in the growth of European markets for the group.



Brian Torching Role in Healthcare Staffing

As time passes by, the healthcare staffing needs continue to increase. The medical world has experienced growth, and there are complex operations that need professionals to take charge. The United States healthcare has been evolving, and it has challenged investors to start taking it seriously. As one of the paramount areas that ensure that the lives of people are secured, this industry attracts the attention of the government and powerful NGO’s. There are strict regulations that have been guiding this industry. Brian Torchin, a top medical expert, has joined the investors who want the best for the industry. Read more about Brian Torchin at Glassdoor.

According to Brian Torchin, the healthcare staffing department can be valued at eleven billion dollars at the moment, and it is also expected to grow and even get complex in the coming future. Many healthcare companies have a hard time dealing with staffing just because they lack the staffing tools required to make things smooth. There are places that are experiencing professional shortages while a great team of professionals in the department remains jobless. Brian Torchin now has the solution to the problems facing this department.

For some years now, Brian Torchin has been taking his role in medical staffing well, and he has improved things significantly. With the sole mission of filling all the job vacancies that are created in the industry, Torchin has established an institution that helps to connect healthcare companies with experienced professionals needed. Nurses have been on a very high demand, and most institutions have benefited through Brian Torchin. Those who are about to retire do not have a problem because they understand that their roles will be filled by the perfect candidates. The businessman has also been impacted a large group in the industry, and he has earned few awards from the government and other respectable institutions in the world.

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Charlamagne Tha God And Black Privilege


Charlamagne Tha God is very open. He is open about the struggles that he has had in his youth. He is honest about the jobs that he has been fired from. All of his honesty has allowed him to compile a book about his life where he is able to give advice and provide learning tools for those that have struggle with some of the same things that he has endured. Charlamagne Tha God has called his book something of a therapeutic read for people in the hood. It is a look at the path that got him from where he was to where he is today.


His book became a New York Times bestseller, and this gave him even more of a voice. Far beyond his time in the spotlight for The Breakfast Club co-host fame, the Black Privilege” book gave him a chance to reach out and connect as an even greater voice in the black community.


There are people that listen to the show that do not know much about politics or any type of concept that is going to involve things like mental health awareness. It takes people like Charlamagne to bridge the gap and talk about these issues that are relevant to the black community that no one else is talking about. Fortunately, his ability to work in radio has allowed him to do that and more. He has become the guy that has managed to talk to a generation of younger people that may have not even considered things like exercising their right to vote before Charlamagne spoke on this. Refer to This Article for related information.


All of these things that Charlamagne Tha God is doing shows that he is someone that plays an intricate part in bridging the gap with the youth and older people that are unable to reach this demographic.


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The RealReal Shares Their Authenticated Products On Social Media

The luxury brands retailer The RealReal has an active Instagram account where they share products they are selling under consignment as well as quotes from various designers and celebrities. An example of this is a quote from Coco Chanel, ‘My life didn’t please me, so I created my life” and one from Alexander McQueen which is “Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment”.

The RealReal also runs contests on their Instagram account so it’s worth revisiting it on regular occasions. Right now they are offering a very unique Fendi bag that is from their Holiday 2018 collection. To enter people just need to follow their account, like the contest post and tag some friends in the comments, and they have a shot at winning the bag.

The RealReal exclusively sells authenticated previously owned luxury brands. They sell men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothing, watches, jewelry, and home decor. They used to sell their consignment product only online but they have now opened physical stores on the East and West coast. Its founder is Julie Wainwright who works as the chief executive officer. She has extensive experience developing e-retailer sites such as serving as the CEO at

One of their physical locations is in the SoHo district of New York City. Still a privately held firm, The RealReal has raised $173 in venture capital since it was established in 2011. While many retailers are not doing well this company has been successful because it sells authenticated luxury brands at great prices.

Some people have likened shopping with them as being similar to the video game Candy Crush. Each time you find a certain piece it feels like you’ve just made a small accomplishment in your life. Many women now peruse their website on a daily basis to get that feeling on the regular. Experiences Massive Sales Boom During Singles Day Festival, also known as Jingdong had a Singles Day Festival that broke their records this year. They sold RMB 159.8 billion in products from November 1st through the 11th, around $23 billion in American dollars. This was the first Singles Day Festival that Jingdong worked in partnership with brick and mortar retail stores which gave a strong boost to this shopping extravaganza.

Many of the brands sold on Jingdong saw their strongest sales during this festival. This included Pampers, Dell, Dyson, Apple, L’Oreal, and SK-II. The most popular products were from firms based on the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, and the Netherlands. The Chief Executive Officer of JD Mall and Chief Marketing Officer of Lei Xu said that Chinese consumers were looking at the quality of products over price. They are willing to pay more for high-quality branded and imported products.

Jingdong’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Foods Business Group managed to sell over 400 million products during this festival. They sold twice as much fresh food versus the 2017 Singles Day Festival. sold 29,500 tons of seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. 12 tons of the food sold was live lobsters from Canada. High-end smartphones were also very popular with consumers and those sales doubled as well from last year.

Another very popular category of items was from the home and life category. This included small appliances, cookware, home decor, furniture, and similar products. Home appliances and consumer products also enjoyed strong consumer demand.’s focus this year has been on its “Retail as a Service” initiative. They partnered with physical retail stores this year including Walmart China. They are offering their technology, infrastructure, and national shipping chain to these partners. Over 600,000 physical stores now use Jingdong’s technology and infrastructure to entice customers to shop at their stores, including running Singles Day Festival promotions. Go To This Page for additional information.

Jingdong also opened another 7FRESH fresh food grocery store in Langfang, Hebei Province on the date of Singles Day. They were visited by over 10,000 in just the first hour of being open. Other popular stores they operate that were busy on that day include their automated convenience stores.

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Guilherme Paulus Is Thrilled His Hospitality Firm Earns Prestigious Award Two Years In A Row

CVC Tours is a company that was established in Santa Andre, Sao Paulo, by entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus in 1972. He sold this company a number of years ago to Carlyle Group but he continues on as the chairman of the board. He has spent the past few years expanding into specialty travel as he takes the company in a new direction.

He and the management team of CVC Tours established five new subsidiaries. These are focused on online travel reservations, a company that consolidates airplane tickets, corporate travel, and leisure travel through independent agencies. There is one new subsidiary is called Cultural Exchange Experiment that offers cultural exchange opportunities and courses abroad. The final subsidiary, Visual Tourism, is all about niche travel such as for those on their honeymoons or people interested in ecotourism.

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Guilherme Paulus also owns and operates GJP Group which oversees GJP Hotels & Resorts and a general contracting firm GJP Construction Inc. He has hotels specifically for budget travelers and two brands for people who want to splurge while on vacation. This is an award winning company. The World Travel Awards (WTA) organization bestowed its coveted “Best Resort for Families in South America” award on this company in 2018 for the second year in a row. The ceremony for hotelier Guilherme Paulus and GJP Group was held in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Since WTA is considered the Oscars of travel his company winning not once but twice was considered a rather big deal in the hospitality industry.

One of GJP Hotels & Resorts most popular resorts is Wish Resort Foz Iguacu. Guilherme Paulus bought Wish Resort Foz Iguacu resort in 2009 and had it extensively renovated. It features nature trails, a beauty salon, seven swimming pools, a climbing wall, jacuzzis, a beautiful professional golf course, and even more amenities. Families love staying in one of this resort’s 215 units.

Guilherme Paulus has also been recognized himself with numerous awards. The French government once honored him for his international tourism expertise. He has also been recognized by the city of Miami, Cancun, Buenos Aires, Isla Margarita, and Bariloche. Among his titles is Valor Executive which was given to him by the newspaper Valor Economics.

Paul Mampilly: From Helping Big Companies Make Huge Profits to Helping Americans Build Wealth

Paul Mampilly moved from working for the rich to be an independent research and investment analyst. His career took a turn for the better when he received his MBA from Fordham University. He has put his strong education background to good use and he has managed to build a successful career in the finance sector. He started off as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust before moving to Deutsche Bank and ING.

He must have been doing something right because it is not easy for a giant company like Kinetics Asset Management to entrust you with management of its multimillion hedge fund. In the hands of Paul Mampilly, the company’s assets grew to $25 billion.

The urge to be his own employer drove Paul Mampilly to start his own way of making money. He also looked to spend more time with his family. He started doing research and sharing advice with readers on investments. He became so successful at it that he has been featured frequently on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV.

Mr. Mampilly’s newsletter has a huge following. The followers are always eager to hear from him talk about new investment opportunities as well as investment tips. He is part of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has been instrumental in helping Americans not only make money, but also protect their wealth. At Banyan Hill Publishing, he is a senior editor of profits unlimited, extreme fortunes as well as true momentum.

The investment expert has a strong background on Wall Street and he is dedicated to show potential investors what is actually going on “behind the scenes” on the Wall Street. Paul Mampilly relies on heavy reading to make his way through the complex Wall Street world. According to him, you won’t survive on the Wall Street if you are not willing to put in the work. Hard work and experience has made him the authority in the sector.

The finance guru holds a BBA (Finance, accounting specialty) from Montclair State University as well as MBA from Fordham Graduate School of Business (finance specialty). In 2013, he founded Capuchin Consulting, a firm that specialized on providing professional investors with investment ideas.

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