How to Earn Money in Upwork

Understanding Upwork

Upwork is a global freelancing platform which helps freelancers from various fields such as writing and graphic design to start off their careers. It makes it easy for potential employers to post projects, communicate with professionals and get paid for doing freelancing jobs.

You can start off slow but after you get a grasp of it, you will build valuable experience and make it work for you.

Making money in Upwork

It can be hard to start off and make money in Upwork for new workers. The following tips will help you start off and make money.

Set up an eye-catching profile

A robust and eye-catching profile will sell you off to potential employers. Here, you are required to fill out the specific areas of your expertise. Include a description of your background. Make sure your profile is complete and if possible, include links to your portfolio. Set your preferred rates and make sure they are reasonable. Now, you will be set to start connecting with employers.

Submit proposals

Submit proposals to work that you qualify using Connects, tokens. Consider carefully the jobs you submit proposals for because connects are few in a free account. Remember to accompany the proposal with relevant samples of your work, if any. You can highlight specific experience you have so that you can stand out and sometimes, if you are new, you will need to do volunteer work.

Before applying for a job, do a research on the potential employer and find out the employer’s reputation.

Set your preferred rate and start working

You are supposed to set your hourly rate and it is worth noting that for the first $500 you earn from an individual client, upwork will charge 20% service fee. Afterward, the fee will reduce gradually. You should negotiate for a good pay with your client. For hourly work, you can utilize Upwork’s Work Diary and you will be paid for every hour you work. For fixed-price work, payment is released from escrow after your work is approved.

Get Paid

Hourly tasks are billed weekly. Payment is made through PayPal or direct to bank transfer. In case of any issue surrounding payment, you can launch a dispute and Upwork’s dispute process will handle it.

Upwork is a platform that makes it easier for you to find projects to work on and get paid for it. You should submit proposals carefully and you are good to go.

rishen Iyer: Health Insurance Marketing Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Takes Charge of MBS Inc.

Krishen Iyer is a well-known figure in the field of medical insurance marketing. Iyer has almost two decades of experience in insurance marketing and has built a solid reputation in the insurance industry. In recent years, Iyer founded his own company (Managed Benefits Services) and he currently serves as the CEO of MBS.




Under Krishen Iyer’s leadership, MBS (formerly known as Quick Link Marketing) strives to meet and exceed all its client’s marketing and consultation needs. Originally based in Fresno, CA, MBS is now permanently relocated to the southern California region of the state. Iyer has resided in California for most of his life, and he is also a graduate of San Diego State University.




Krishen Iyer has a keen understanding regarding the importance of having the right tools to accomplish the goals of effective marketing strategies. Iyer is well versed in lead generation and has the experience and know how to provide focused consulting services to his many clients.




Iyer has achieved high levels of success throughout his career in insurance marketing. In 2015, one of Iyer’s previously held companies (MNP Insurance Services) received an award from the Inc 5000 for an over 200% growth rate over that year. This prestigious award is just one example of Iyer’s drive to be the best in an extremely competitive industry.




Krishen Iyer is a confident leader that has learned over the years how to properly manage risk while not being afraid to make critical business decisions at the right time. Iyer has honed the skills to make an individual a successful leader. He understands the importance of effective communications between clients and colleagues. He has an inquisitive mind and he is never satisfied with the status quo. The future looks bright for MBS with Iyer at the helm.





Business leaders have always worked with a mission towards making their businesses successful. They still make sure that they hire the best experts to help them do their activities accordingly. One of the best and greatest ideas made by Willis Towers Watson was appointing Michael Burwell who is their Chief Financial Officer. He is a finance professional with over three decades in the industry. The renowned professional has been able to leave a track of achievements in his career.

The great symbol of employees is when he can apply his knowledge towards helping a company grow. This is the same case with Mike, especially when he decided to offer his expertise as well as skills at PriceWater Coopers before joining Willis Watson. The finance guru was able to leave a mark of tremendous achievements in the company. He is known to be a very hard-working person with the motivation and drive that helps a company realize its growth potential.

The time he took at the company was very instrumental in the growth and expansion of the company. He had an outstanding performance, and his expertise level in treasury management and finance were astounding.

Michael Burwell worked as the head of all the Transaction Services for more than eleven years. The position required a lot of trust as well as essential work ethics towards making it a success. It is a very familiar position, and integrity is paramount. His input at the company shaped his reputation and made him take over the leadership of the company.

Michael Burwell after an astounding performance was elected to become the United States Transaction Services Leader and also the Chief Finance Officer of the US and Global Transformation. The role exposed him to other challenges as well as the fascinating level of experience. The character made his manage to develop and address serious problems as well as deleting toxic factors that hindered the company’s growth.

Education is the key to a professional career, and Michael Burwell is a former student of Michigan State University. The school shaped his skills in matters Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Portfolio Management and leadership.


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InnovaCare Adds To Their Executive Team As They Work To Make Reforms

InnovaCare Health is based out of Puerto Rico and provides Medicare Advantage Plans to make sure senior citizens in the United States have the benefits that they need with their health insurance. In 2016, they announced that they would be partnering with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network in order to help achieve the payment reform that many health care professionals have been asking for. When the Affordable Care Act was implemented, there was a lot of confusion in the process and it was made clear that there issues that had to be worked out in the transition.


By working with LAN, Innovacare Health hopes to make sure that their customers are able to continue receiving the health care that they need in an affordable, sustainable, and high-quality manner. When Rick Shinto, the current CEO of InnovaCare joined the company, he brought with him 20 years of experience. This experience has been vital as the company looks to make big changes both within itself and the field of health care in general. Check out



In order to make these payment reforms, InnovaCare Health is listening to what physicians are saying about the process. They understand that changes need to be made and health care providers are able to provide first-hand information about the challenges that they have been facing. Through their efforts, they are hoping to get rid of some of the red tape that comes with health care in order to streamline the process.


Recently, InnovaCare expanded their leadership team in order to serve the needs of their client better. As the leader in the United States for healthcare based in value, they want to solidify this position and believe these expansions will help with these efforts. Peter Zafris joined the company as the VP of Sales and marketing as well as Frank Izquierdo as the VP or Corporate Contracting & Network Development. They both bring many years of experience in healthcare and their talent will be beneficial to the growth of InnovaCare.


InnovaCare is focused on making sure their patients get the care that they need when they need it. They believe that patients should always be the top priority and deserve the best medical care possible. While they are always looking for their organization to grow, InnovaCare believes in staying transparent and being honest with all parties involved. You can follow their Facebook page.



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Jeremy L. Goldstein Believes In Sharing His Time And His Money

The Associates Committee of Fountain House hosts their Fall Fete annually.


The first of November, in the year 2012, marked the company’s fifth celebration.


The company focuses on mental health, and their annual Fall Fete is an effort to combat the unfortunate stigma that surrounds that particular disease.


Jeremy L. Goldstein was one of the Chairs who attended the event.


Goldstein, who is also a board member, is quoted as saying that the Fountain House has positively impacted people’s lives. The impact that was made inspired Goldstein and others to create the Associates Scholarship Fund.


This particular scholarship awards two members of Fountain House with scholarships. With the gift of these scholarships, students whose educations have been interrupted by mental health are better able to continue and finish their journeys through college.


Jeremy Goldstein is a very distinguished lawyer at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


At this law firm, lawyers advise businesses and compensation committees, CEOs, and management teams.


Goldstein has multiple degrees. They include


  • a B.A. that he earned when he attended Cornell University


  • a J.D, obtained in New York


  • an M.A, which was earned at the University of Chicago




Life has taught Goldstein to practice good habits.


One of these habits include keeping up appearances with his clients.


The lawyer says that he engages in conversation with his clients even when he has no work with them.


Calling people, texting them, or sending emails shows people that you care about them and not simply about their money.


Speaking with clients on a consistent basis ensures that Goldstein maintains his client pool while also maintaining friendships that were gained during his prosperous career.


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Gregory Aziz: National Steel Car And Core Values


National steel car is known throughout Hamilton, Ontario as one of the leading railcar manufacturers in the area. The President, CEO and Chairman, Greg Aziz, has made it a point to make sure the company stays above the competition and consistently challenge themselves and raise the bar. As of this date, National Steel Car is the only North American railcar business that is certified IOS 9001:2015. In addition to that, they’ve been awarded with the TTX SECO award repeatedly for the last decade. Greg Aziz makes it clear that the business does not stay idle in its achievements, but instead continues to push forward and reach for excellence. The value customer feedback and always believe in giving them a voice that is heard. National Steel Car prides itself on listening to customer suggestions to make their company better.

They have a sense of purpose that involves honoring traditions of the past, having determination to move forward and always focusing on quality and excellence. Greg Aziz has an extensive background inside in the investment bank field while working in New York in the late 80s and early 90s. He understands the purpose of team-building, having strong engineering abilities and most of all relying on your team. During its inception, National Steel Car started back in 1912, only beginning with nearly 3500 cars. Now today, the company can probably boast that has moved to working on 12,000 cars annually before the year 1999. They are also a highly devoted when it comes to their employees. In the beginning, employment at the company was around 600 where as today that number has jumped to three thousand individuals working hard towards a common goal.

Gregory J Aziz gives a lot of thanks and support to their list of customers and valuable relationships built over the years. They take pride in working with their many suppliers as well. National Steel Car has 2,000 team members focusing on building the best company national steel car can be. They are geared towards creating and maintaining quality railcars their clients have come to count on and trust. They have a stellar reputation in North America as a leader in the market when it comes to railroad freight manufacturing. Greg Aziz understands the challenges that they face and is always ready to meet customers needs. He also shares that the business is highly involved working heavily within the community.

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Shiraz Boghani- A Great Business Guru

Shiraz Boghani boasts of being more than just a flourishing businessman located in the United Kingdom. Originally from Africa Kenya, he relocated to the UK in the early 1960s and trained at Chartered Accountants firm to become an accountant. Shiraz later moved to the Thomson McLintock and Co, now known as KPMG. However, this was just a stepping ladder to a long and very successful career that has seen him achieve more than only financial success.

In 2017, Shiraz Boghani was honoured by the Asian Business Award 2016 with the prestigious award Hotelier of the Year. As the Chairman and founder of Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz has cultivated over 30 years of extensive practice in the hospitality business, which has tremendously paid off with the most prestigious honor. Boghani currently owns and also oversees the running of 19 hotels located in Britain and 1990s he became the first person to introduce a brand of hotels. Shiraz hard work and dedication has enabled the group to become the fastest growing and privately owned hotel groups in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Most recently the company launched the beautiful Hilton London Bankside Hotel that will cost over 121 million pounds located in London’s Bankside suburbs. In addition to starting Hilton, the Grand Hotel and Spa, The St James Conrad London, York and the Holiday Inn London in Wembley are also his credentials.

The Splendid Hospital Group has over the years rapidly grown, and achieved tremendous success thanks to its leader Shiraz Boghani. And this makes him more deserving of such a prestigious award. Boghani also boasts of being the chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP.

Over the years, Shiraz has maintained a keen and sharp spotting for business development and opportunities. And in 1985 he co-founded the Sussex Healthcare a premier health facility. They currently have over 18 Care Homes with over 500 beds capacity.

Shiraz Boghani has a soft spot and loves helping others. He is renowned as a generous man who dedicates his time to charitable events. He actively supports the Aga Khan Foundation and also the Aga Khan Development Network worldwide operations. Shiraz Boghani has entirely devoted his life, skills, and energy to achieve greater success in every business he starts.

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Investors Offer Support towards Mac Beer’s New Health Startup

Renovia is a startup company with new products to treat pelvic disorders. The company co-founded by Mac Beer will now go ahead and roll out its products after raising $42 million. $10 million was initially raised through venture debt before the series B round closed with more than $32 million. One of the healthcare oriented funders who has supported Renovia is Longwood Fund, who also joined in set B. Other top investors in are Perceptive Advisors in New York and Ascension Ventures based in Missouri. There will be another round that will ensure all investors in healthcare get a chance to be a part of the excellent course.


The resources mobilized will go towards testing and developing a variety of products including a new generation Leva device. FDA recently approved Renovia’s first product, Leva. The product enhances muscle strength through muscle therapy avoiding the side effects of medication. Pelvic floor disorders are different illnesses that weaken the lower parts of the pelvis such as muscles, tissues, and ligaments. The floor enables various organs to function well such as bladder, rectum, and uterus. Some disorders affect the self-esteem of individuals such as urinary incontinence. It is estimated by researchers to affect more than 250 million women worldwide.


Renovia is focusing on diagnosing and researching the cost-effective treatment options for pelvic disorders. This cost cut will enable more women to be able to access the treatment, improving many lives in the process. For patients to take back control of their pelvic muscles, FDA approved devices are used to heal the disorders and later track the progress by use of microsensors. With the products in digital platform research will be faster and patients will have a chance to pick a therapy that works for them in good time.


Mac Beer is a veteran in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry. He has achieved a lot in his more than two decades of involvement in the industry. One of his successes was when he found Viacell, a biotechnology company that dealt with umbilical blood stem cells. He grew the company tremendously before making it public in 2007. At one point he also worked for Genzyme Therapeutics as their global marketing Vice president. He currently sits in the board of Good Start Genetics, Massachusets Science Board and Minerva Neurosciences. Mac has been exceptionally successful in his past ventures, and there is no doubt that Renovia will achieve even greater success. Learn more:

Who Is Michael Burwell, Willis Towers Watson’s CFO?


Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson company. He graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Business Administration and he was a certified public accountant. Before working at Willis Towers Watson, he worked for 31 years at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC.


Work expertise

At Willis Towers Watson, his expertise was in assurance practice, in the business advisory service. Later on, he became partner of this company and he was transferred to the transaction business at the PwC Detroit. Due to his success and drive, he was then promoted as partner and then started work at the US central transaction business. His other work experience also includes being head of Global Transformation.


Career at Willis Towers Watson

When he joined Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell was seen as a great asset to the company. The company is a leading international expert in its field, with great area of expertise in advisory, broking and solutions. Their core belief is that risk itself in life situations is a valuable asset, which can be turned into progress and growth. Their investments focus on maximizing benefits and managing risk.


What is distinguishable about Burwell

As any successful person, Michael Burwell works very hard. He says that his daily routine begins at 5 am and a habit which is very important to him is to make his bed every morning, even when he travels. He travels by bike and he finds this very refreshing and interesting. While riding his bike, he thinks about what he has achieved during the day and it helps him have a clear mind.


He strongly believes in what he does, and he encourages people around him to succeed. He likes to search for potential everywhere around him and fishing for innovative ideas all the time. He considers that the next biggest tech innovator definitely exists within the company, but he just has to find him. Find Related Information Here.


If Burwell were to give a piece of advice to his younger self, he would tell himself that cooperation is important, but not the only important thing. He says it is good to be nice, but sometimes it is best to just get results and achieve.


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James Dondero Looking at Argentine Bond Markets

James Dondero Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, has had an interest in Argentina since 2012, so much so that his company has a dedicated team and office in Sao Paulo. According to Mauro Staltare, a Highland Capital Management analyst,” Argentia is different.” ” Argentina is an island within Latin America. Its an uncorrelated Investment for at least the next two to three years,” Staltari said. “Of course, a rise in interest rates by the Fed will affect the curve and yields, but Argentina has drivers of its own, such as the normalization of energy tariffs, and for better or worse, it’s distinctive from the rest of Latin America.”

James Dondero’s team is focusing on the changes in Argentina as it emerges in the global market as a well-structured player. One strategic move the Argentinian Government made was to lower its energy tariffs, this allowed the country to raise 16.5 billion in bond revenue when other countries were trading at negative yields.

Dondero and his team have developed an investment strategy built around the economic recovery of the new pro-business administration.

Highland Capital Managment has been working to expand its equity holding in Argentina as well as its bond allocation strategy. They want to position their portfolio to align with the prioritization of economic reforms being implemented in the country. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

The firm is leaning towards provincial debt, one major factor is that Argentina’s 23 provinces issue debt that yields between 150 to 250 basis points of spread over sovereign debt of equal duration.


For investors who do have an interest in Argentina, there is still a real risk. The country’s proximity to other Latin American countries can make it susceptible to fraud and government breakdown. While the country has made many economic initiatives, the deficit and inflation still need improvement. Visit Highland Funds to know more about James Dondero.