Casten May Be The Dem That Defeats Roksam

Though you’d have to go back to the era of Nixon to find the last time a Democrat won the 6th Congressional District in Illinois, 2018 presents local progressives with their best shot in recent memory at getting rid of embattled congressman Peter Roskam who is beginning to look more and more vulnerable by the day. While it’s been over a decade since Roskam has even had a nail-biter type election, the Democrat’s candidate this go around is bringing unprecedented excitement to the largely suburban district. His name? Sean Casten.

Casten is a young up and comer who presents a clear alternative against the stale and abrasive style of Roskam. Additionally, Casten has been endorsed by End Citizens United which is an influential grassroots organization focused on ridding our political system of the spread of special interest and corporate PAC money. By campaigning against dark money in our elections and with the support of the hundreds of thousands of small-money donors that support the ECU, Sean Casten has the tools to make a real upset bid against Roskam. In fact, in the 2016 election the 6th Congressional District actually voted rather emphatically for Hillary Clinton (she garnered 50% to Trump’s 43%) showing that the district, much like the state of Illinois as a whole, may be trending more blue than ever. Another thing working in Casten’s favor is the competitive gubernatorial race that is sure to drive voters out to the polls in droves. And if we’ve learned anything over the past few election cycles it’s: when Democrats vote — they win!

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Another interesting trend sure to lend optimism to 6th District Democrats is the success End Citizens United has had in backing candidates so far this cycle. Doug Jones in Alabama and Connor Lamb in Pennsylvania are just two of the examples of a Democrat who was widely considered the underdog but was able to pull out a victory. At this point it goes without saying that the policy position of being against special interest and corporate monies is a winning formula that may be the “boost” Casten needs to vault his campaign over the finish line.

As mentioned earlier, the 6th Congressional District in Illinois will never be a cakewalk for a Democrat. However, Sean Casten’s campaign is brining the fight to Roskam at every level — and it is exciting to watch. With the help of ECU and other like-minded progressive groups, there is no reason to believe the Blue Wave won’t be coming to the suburbs this November!

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How Kevin Seawright Has Been A Major Financial Leader In Baltimore

The city of Baltimore has had some ups and downs in its housing market and many real estate agents in this area are looking for ways to help bring more people to qualify for mortgages. Kevin Seawright, a longtime Baltimore public financial leader is now working with a company known as RPS Solutions to change this outcome. RPS Solutions helps people who might otherwise be rejected by the big banks or other real estate agencies find housing they can afford and be eligible for financing even if their credit isn’t great. What Seawright wants to see is Baltimore’s communities become more diverse and allow people to move into safer neighborhoods from more dangerous ones. Learn more at Crunchbase about Kevin Seawright.

Kevin Seawright has a lot of experience as both a public accountant and a financial director for privately-owned companies. He started off at the city’s parks and recreation department managing the public funds in that area and improving the quality within the parks. He also supervised the public schools systems and restructured how the funds were used there which improved transportation and gave more resources for administrators. The Baltimore’s mayor’s office was able to look at each of its departments through the CitiStat software that Seawright introduced, an analytics system that gave in-depth reports on how those departments were being run.

Kevin Seawright worked for a private company known as Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. which had several housing projects developed during Seawright’s tenure as financial manager. He also served for a year as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation where he held several fundraisers for residential development initiatives, though he left that position to once again invest in the Baltimore real estate markets. In addition to his accounting and real estate management career, Seawright also holds a certification in Executive Leadership that he earned at the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. Seawright has also served on the boards of several non-profit groups including the Babe Ruth Museum and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. He was also the campaign manager for former Baltimore mayoral candidate Otis T. Rolley. Visit:


Chris Burch Becomes Wildly Successful

Few people have the passion or work ethic to become a successful entrepreneur. Starting and managing a new business is harder than most people realize. Chris Burch started his first company while attending Ithaca College. He sold sweaters to local college students. Although he eventually allowed his brother to take over the company, he learned valuable lessons from his experience.

Burch recently built a magnificent place called Nihiwatu Resort. The Nihiwatu Resort is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the entire world ( Over the past few years, more people than ever before have visited the resort. It is located in the country of Indonesia, and it is an excellent place for people who want to escape from the stresses of life.

Early Life

Unlike many billionaires, Chris Burch did not inherit a significant amount of money. He lived with a middle-class family in Pennsylvania. His father was a successful business owner, but his family never had a ton of money.

Chris Burch wanted to become successful and make a lot of money. He read a ton of business and financial planning books when he was a child. He also talked with successful business owners in his local area. After letting his brother manage Eagle Eye, the apparel company he started in college, Chris Burch began focusing on other ventures.

Personal Investments

Chris Burch is a firm believer in investing for the future. With the additional income from his various companies, Chris Burch invested in real estate throughout his career. He started investing in single-family homes, and he eventually purchased large hotels. He generates a ton of passive income each year through his investment properties.


Although Chris Burch could have retired decades ago, he plans to continue working for numerous years. He loves the process of managing a business. He also enjoys looking for real estate investments around the world. Anyone who wants to become successful should emulate the life of Chris Burch.


Adam Milstein Shares Positive Feelings About The Future Of Jews In America

Adam Milstein writes for the Jerusalem post and he recently shared his feelings regarding the future of the Jewish people in America. He shared that he is positive about the future and all that it holds, and he explained why that is. This man shared that the Jewish history shows that there are always great leaders needed for great things to take place. In his article, he shared some of the great leaders from the past and the things that they did to positively influence life for the Jewish people. He shared that there is a new set of challenges that the Jewish people are facing today.

Antisemitism is something that Adam Milstein believes is an issue on the left and on the right, and he shared about that in his writing for the Jerusalem Post. He believes that there are many people out there who are antisemitic. He shared that there are many Jewish people who are not emotionally attached to their faith and many who no longer think that it is important for them to be Jewish. He also shared that about half of the Jewish people today do not feel comfortable wearing outward signs of their faith. They do not feel safe showing others that they are Jewish. Adam Milstein believes that the Jewish faith is going through challenges of many kinds right now and that it is failing to receive the support that is needed.

Adam Milstein feels positive despite all of the challenges right now because he believes that there are people out there who can be good leaders in the Jewish faith. He shared in the Jerusalem Post that he feels that there are people out there who can act as the leaders of the past did and help their people through this time. He spends time meeting with Jewish people all of the time, and he has met some who are passionate about the activism that they are doing and who he feels will be good leaders.

Randall Nardone: Leading Fortress Investment Group Into The Future

As the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, Randall Nardone is able to draw on his past experiences to lead the company into the future. He has amassed decades of experience in the financial sector and he is one of the most well regarded professionals in the business.He received his schooling at the University of Connecticut, where he obtained bachelor’s degrees in biology and English. From there, he attended Boston University’s School of Law and earned a juris doctor. Once he finished school, he was employed at the the Thatcher, Profitt and Wood law firm. It did not take long for him to become a partner and a member of the firm’s executive committee. After awhile, his interests shifted and he decided to work in the financial services industry. Blackrock Financial Management brought him on as a principal and he would remain employed by the company until 1997.

UBS hired him as a managing director but he only remained on board for one year. It was at this time that Randall Nardone became a co-founder at Fortress Investment Group. He functioned in this capacity for 15 years. In 2013, Randall Nardone became the CEO of the investment group. Fortress Investment Group has a number of subsidiaries and Nardone has assisted with several. In addition to serving as a co-founder of the main investment group, he also co-founded Fortress Registered Investment Trust. He is the principal and CEO at this trust as well.He is also proud to serve on other boards. Newcastle Investment Holdings has hired him as their vice president and secretary and Eurocastle Investment Limited brought him on board as their director back in 2006.

Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Limited made him their director as well and he has served in this capacity since 2007. OneMainHoldings Incorporated also tapped him for the same role in 2010. All of these positions have allowed Randall Nardone to amass the sort of experience that money simply cannot buy.Fortress Investment Group taps into this experience on a regular basis. Nardone’s expertise extends into the worlds of private equity finance and management. This experience has also been used to his own benefit and he has ascended the Forbes billionaire list as a result of these efforts. With a worth that is approaching $2 billion, Randall Nardone has achieved a ranking of #557 on the aforementioned list. With his experience at their disposal, Fortress Investment Group is poised to continue their growth in the years to come.

Peter Briger – Holding the Reigns at Fortress Credit Corporation

Peter Priger’s Back Story

Peter Briger has a M.B.A. from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from the Princeton University. Peter Briger wears many hats at Fortress Credit Corporation. He is currently the President and Co-Chairman and Director of the Board at Fortress Credit Corporation (FCC). In addition to his duties as head of the corporation, he is Principal and Head of Credit & Real Estate Business sector of FCC.

He is the Co-CEO of Fortress Credit Corporation.

Besides his aforementioned leadership at Fortress Credit Corporation, Peter Briger developed and spearheads the Fortress Credit business. The main focal point of his position is finding undervalued, distressed, or illiquid asset credit investments and create a profitable return. This year alone Briger has produced tremendously; his staff has raised $4.7 billion for, “Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV.” He has lately this year taken a strong interest in distressed funds in the financial arena.

Other Affiliations and Service

Peter Briger is a member of the Advisory Board of Spearhead, LLC. He is the Director of two additional investment firms, which includes the Princeton University Investment Co. He has fifteen years of leadership experience from Goldman Sachs & Co. He serves on a Board of Advisor of Hospital for Special Surgery, Inc. He is Co-Head of many departments and businesses. He has been an Advisor to International Finance Corporation and Linktone Ltd. Peter Briger is not just all work, he has a charitable side as well. He has given to the Central Park Conservancy. He is on the board for Caliber Schools, which is an organizations spearheading charter schools. He has worked with, funded or been a board member of many charitable organizations. Peter Briger’s golden hand will surely continue to make great investments yielding unimaginable profits in the future. There’s no end to his financial prowess.

Igor Cornelsen’s Successful Investment Profession


Igor Cornelsen is from Curitiba, Brazil where he was born on October 4, 1947. He studies engineering at the Parana Federal University, which was the sole engineering school in the Parana State and Santa Catarina States during that time that made admission the said school competitive and difficult. Two years after taking up Engineering, he decided to take economics instead in the same school.

Igor Cornelsen finished his studies in 1970 and was hired by an investment bank. It was customary for engineers or individuals with engineering units to be hired in banks at that time since they have the knowledge to compute interest rates that are compounded by utilizing the sliding rules. Such skills in those days were quite valuable because computers and calculators were not commonly used as they are today. Read more at Reporter Expert for more info

Igor was able to show an excellent aptitude in the cited division and he later went on to Rio de Janeiro where he was given an extraordinary chance to be an investment banker. He did an excellent job as an investment banker among his peers, which is why he was promoted as one of Multibanco’s board of directors in 1974. In 1976 he became the bank’s Chief Operating Officer.

Two years after he was promoted as Chief Operating Officer of Multibanco, the Bank of America procured the cited bank, and Igor sought other prospective employments. The first that came along was a vacancy at Unibanco, a leading investment bank in Brazil. He served with Unibanco until 1985, then he got employed with Libra Bank PLC, a Merchant Bank from London.

His employment with Libra Bank was his career’s highlight because it was his first time to receive compensation in US dollars giving him the chance to make good investment. After a successful stint with Libra Bank, he and his associates served with the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, where he became a representative and a board of director member.

In 1995, Igor left Standard Chartered Merchant Bank to establish an investment firm of his own that has the same form of services he did in Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. To date Igor Cornelsen is still an investment manager who personally oversees the daily operations of his investment firm. Read more



Chris Burch; Succeeding in Business and How to Woo Investors for Your Startups

Research shows that investors value entrepreneurs who are willing to learn more than the general business acumen. As such, they are willing to back entrepreneurs who have a particular knack for business as they can easily be mentored. This is because most investors believe that time, as well as expertise, is more valuable than money. Therefore, they prefer investing in companies that accommodate their involvement as well.

Background Data

Moreover, a research study by Global Startup Ecosystem Report indicated that New York is predominantly the second most significant and most influential city for successful startups. While this is highly expected, it is factual that the rating is based on how competitive the area is in terms of projecting successful business opportunities. As a result, it has become increasingly vital for entrepreneurs to find a viable angel investor or better yet, a venture capitalist to facilitate the growth of a brand.

Understanding Types of Investors

Well, the significant difference between the two types of investors is that while a venture capitalist is willing to part with more money, an angel investor is only willing to part with some substantial amount of money. Either way, an entrepreneur can decide to settle for more than one angel investor as all too often, angel investors can be easily convinced. Whichever the case, here are a few tips to land you a viable investor;

Be Simple

When it is time to pitch your startup before the angel investor, be precise and straightforward. You can even assume that you have about six seconds to pitch and convince the panel because most investors are not only busy want to attend to the next startup manager. Concurrently, remember to have all the notes on your fingertips as your prospective investor will always want to know what you can offer in return.  For an additional article, check

Overcome Your Setbacks

Life has its challenges, and in business, these challenges crop out every time as well. For example, your investor might say no. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and disappointment in such moments, delve into an ocean of better ideas that can attract the next investor.

Describing Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur and the engine of many brands including Burch Creative Capital and Tory Burch. Also an active investor and the co-founder of many businesses, he has always devoted time and expertise to enhance the appearance of various brands. Currently, he applies his marketing skills to empower emerging entrepreneurs in multiple industries.

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A Real Insight on What Exactly are Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks”

Matt Badiali recently stirred a significant buzz in America’s business media through his presentation of his financially enticing “freedom checks.” At a glance, freedom checks appear to be another form of government welfare due to its design being strikingly similar to a U.S Treasury check complete with a Statue of Liberty graphic. In Badiali’s advertisement, he is shown displaying a $114,287 check implying to customers that such money is merely one signature away. However, further insight will find that the Badiali made it explicitly clear that the check is not government issued. It’s not a form of a grant that is simply handed out to willing consumers but rather an investment that will possibly generate favorable returns. Follow Matt on

According to Matt Badiali’s statements within the advertisement, 568 U.S agencies are authorized to distribute this form of money. Statue 26-F made it possible for these companies operate as a tax-free entity as long as they meet the requirements to become a designated agency. In order to meet the requirements, the company must generate 90% of its revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of the United States’ natural resources, and guarantee a payout of the lucrative freedom checks to all their shareholders – many of whom are collecting up to $643,000 annually.

Freedom checks have no age or income requirements for either investing in or collecting the checks. Anyone can invest in freedom checks through their regular online brokerage account and could be traded through Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) – the exclusive group of the 568 companies that can issue freedom checks. It is possible for anyone to get started with MLPs trading today for less than $10.

Matt Badiali is currently Banyan Hill Publishing’s natural resources expert. During the last decade, he has merged his expertise in geology with his training in expanding his financial knowledge in investments. He holds a Bachelor’s in Earth Sciences from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Learn more:

OSI Group Climbing the Food Industry Ladder

The OSI Group is a United States corporation based out of suburban Chicago that is one of the largest privately owned companies in the food processing business. They sell food processing services along with food products, and research and development skills to a large contingent of customers throughout the American, European, and Asian markets. Originally founded in 1909, OSI group was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant providing for his family by opening a family-run meat market and butcher shop. Among the spotlight accomplishments in the company’s rise is a deal in 1955 between Kolschowsky and McDonald’s owner Roy Kroc to be the exclusive provider of burger meat for the growing chain. That move cemented them in the food industry and gave them the footing necessary to propel themselves to being one of the top 100 food industry companies in America today.

At the heart of OSI Group are a set of core values that have, since their inception, given the company and its employees the drive and direction toward success. One set of these values are customer oriented and focus on not seeing customers as interchangeable as so many businesses do, but to see business conducted as part of a long-term partnership where both companies can complement each other and grow together. This involves catering to the unique needs of whichever retail or food industry company OSI Group is working with, and that can lead to very customized and creative solutions. Alongside the care and concern for customers is a thorough commitment to their employees. The company can boast a phenomenal safety track record backed by industry awards, and otherwise takes care of their employees needs as if they were family. As longtime CEO Sheldon Levin is fond of saying, “I see everyone who works at OSI Group as a family.”

With these core values and under the leadership of Levin, OSI Group has soared in recent decades in breadth and depth. They have a implemented a wonderful research and development department that will work with every customer created concept to produce a product that is both unique and cost-effective to produce. They have expanded to 55 facilities in 16 countries, employee over 20,000, and have a net worth exceeding $6 billion. They have also acquired major names in the industry such as Tyson Food, Baho Food, and Flagship Europe. But even with all they have accomplished, they still remain committed to their core values and continue to climb the food industry ladder.

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