George Soros Wants You to Believe in Democracy

It is the personal mission of George Soros to use the billions of dollars he has amassed over the years to spread democracy around the world. This amazing mission is accomplished through the nonprofit he founded known as Open Society Foundations. It is the mission of Open Society Foundations to aid these struggling democracies so that they can be vibrant and strong and bless their countries with liberalism. George Soros does require that these governments remain loyal to the people and accountable to the electorate. George Soros believes in this cause so passionately that he gave $18 billion of his own money to this organization in the year 2017.

The Open Society Foundations has given over $500 billion over the last three decades to establish solid governments in nearly 100 countries. The only promote democracy, but the Open Society Foundations also advocates for human rights by supporting the organizations who speak out concerning these things.

The open society foundation has been able to donate to infrastructure, education, and other nonprofits around the globe. In order to help establish democracies, they have created offices in the Arab world, the European world, the Asian world, and also the North American world.

George Soros would use the open society foundation to get active in the North American world. He did this by financially aiding candidates to take office. It began in 2004 that George Soros decided he would be the bankroller for the John Kerry presidency. To help John Kerry win the presidency, he donated $27 million to the campaign. George Soros could not tolerate another four years of President George W. Bush and knew that this would mean four more years of war. Unfortunately, $27 million was not enough to get John Kerry into the Oval Office.

Though the candidate of George Soros lost in the 2004 election, Soros would enter the world of politics again in the year 2008. He could not decide if he wanted to choose Hillary Rodham Clinton or the Illinois Senator Barack Obama. He decided to sponsor Obama in the end because this gentleman had the skill needed to earn the heart of the American people.

Obama would serve for two different terms in the role of the presidency. During his time in the Oval Office, he would convince the American people that the democratic ideal was the best way to run America. We have seen Obama’s passion, how advocated for immigration reform, equality for men and women everywhere, and the promotion of LGBTQ rights.

While many people were excited to see these democratic ideals pushed so strongly, it ended up creating a backlash against Democrats in the election year 2016. As George Soros donated $25 million to the Clinton campaign, he began to see Trump gaining in the polls. It was not because Trump was a good candidate by any measure, it was simply that people were scared of the change it liberalism was bringing. Now he focuses on changing America’s heart for the Left.

Achievements of Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an alumnus of both Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences and Masters in Geology respectively. After school, Badiali had a chance to teach Geology students at both Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He is an expert in mining, energy and agricultural industries. He is also endowed with a vast knowledge and expertise in any other thing closely related to all these aspects. Over the years, Matt has built an excellent reputation as he always shared his research and even offer pieces of pieces of advice on finance and information on available investment opportunities in the field natural resources. The highly spirited Matt is so generous that he has written several books about the natural resources so that the general public could get the necessary knowledge and expertise in such areas with ease.

As a successful investor, Matt has toured numerous mining sites around the globe. During his visits, he seeks to interact with CEOs of these places so that he could borrow ideas from them. While traveling, Matt came across several abandoned mining sites which gave him good reasons for investing better. He even realized the benefits of the investor keeping an eye on his own business. The hardworking Badiali made sure that he is always updated. In light of that fact, he frequently holds meetings with the successful company CEOs, natural resources venture capitalists and the precious metals consultants who inform him of current technologies, innovations, and trends in the mining industry.

This successful investor worked at Stanberry Research Institute for more than ten years as an executive editor of the Stanberry Research Resource Report issued out to the clients on a monthly basis. The report packed profitable investments opportunities in the field of energy, precious metals, and other natural resources. Upon leaving Stanberry Research, he joined Banyan Hill which is a private publishing and research company. The company mainly focused on publishing research advisories and project information sheets. With a vast experience on drill rigs and studying mines, Matt Badiali was of great importance to the firm, Banyan Hill. The clients in the business did experience a tremendous improvement in their investment endeavors since day Matt Badiali joined the company. With such an epitome of knowledge as Matt, the public is equipped with enough knowledge on the current developments and issues pertaining oil, gas, metals and resource spaces. With all these information taken into consideration, they can now make sound investment decisions.

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Bruno Fagali and His Impacts on the Brazilian Anti- Corruption Laws

Bruno Fagali happens to be a famous Brazilian Lawyer from Brazil and happens to be one of the most successful attorneys in the country. He has been able to get a lot of clients because of his experience, integrity in practicing and also hard work that is always driven by passion. Bruno is also the famous founder of Fagali Advocacy and has had a lot of experience in the legal industry.

Bruno possesses great understanding of the Brazilian law and has a lot of exposure in the industry. He also happens to be a specialist on the Public and also Anti-Corruption law whereby he has been able to handle Urban Law, administrative contracts and laws, civil and administrative liability processes, bidding law, admin improbity actions, popular actions, public civil actions, regulatory law and also expropriation actions.

Bruno has been known for initiating several actions that help in fighting these laws. He has been able to come up with solutions that help Brazil law bodies fight corruption and has been trusted for his great passion in the industry. He has been on the frontline making sure that he helps as many people as possible achieve in their career. He also happens to have been the main authority in the Fagali advocacy and this one has given him a chance to mentor so many lawyers in the industry. He has managed to help many people achieve their goals and has been able to help so many admins in his career. He has been on the frontline making sure that he achieves in his career.

Bruno Fagali has a lot of experience in the world of business law. This is as a result of his awesome qualifications in his career and he happens to have passionately achieved the big time. He has never given up on his dreams and has always been very passionate about achieving his goals. He has been able to qualify from the famous Brazilian law and currently possesses a degree in law from Catholic University based in Sao Paulo in Brazil. This is a country that has over one million lawyers but Bruno has been able to identify his niche accordingly.

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Copper and Platinum are the Metals to Watch says Matt Badiali

     If there are two items to watch on the commodity market, it has to be the metals copper and platinum. Both metals are rising steadily in demand, and will become more valuable in the near future. The time to invest in copper and platinum is now, and Matt Badiali explains why.

Platinum will become an attractive commodity to invest in should the metal maintain its current market trend. Platinum’s rise in price is due to its scarcity as a precious metal. The automobile industry is the largest consumer of platinum following the demand for the metal in the manufacture of catalytic converters for diesel cars.

However, as platinum is not a renewable resource, the only way to ensure a steady supply of the metal is through recycling. Despite the efforts, the supply for copper continues to dwindle each year. Scarcity creates more demand for a commodity; therefore, platinum will become more expensive in the near future.

On the other hand, copper will rise in value as the automotive market moves to electrically powered cars. By 2027, the demand for electric vehicles is expected to rise by 27 million from the current 3 million. This will in turn cause a rise in copper demand from the current 185,000 metric tons a year to 1.74 million metric turns annually by 2027.

Furthermore, copper as a metal has the advantage of maintaining its value even in a dwindling economy. When the commodity market is doing well, there is always an expected rise in the demand and price of copper.

Platinum and copper will continue rising in value as their demand in the automotive industry continues to grow. Now is the time to invest in the two metals as prices are favorable on the market.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a financial coach and an expert in the natural resource industry. He is passionate about investment and travels the world teaching people how to invest in the current natural resource industry. Matt Badiali’s travels frequently to hold financial talks in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New, Turkey, Iraq, and Switzerland. He has offered his expert knowledge to various oil and mining companies in the world.

Palladium is in a relentless bull market. The price of the silvery-gray metal soared in early 2016. The price more than…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Todd Lubar Speaks to Ideamensch on Entrepreneurship

Todd Lubar prides himself in creating successful business ventures that have not only grown his net worth, but have gained him recognition as a leading investor in real estate. Many individuals seek out his advice across America who desire to own property. It has taken hard work and resilience for him to succeed as he describes to Ideamensch. Todd talks about the components that played an important role in his company’s growth and self-accomplishments.

Todd acknowledges the importance of people in business growth. He advises that they are the greatest asset for any entrepreneur who desires to achieve their vision and goals. He shares his secret to attaining success by treating people with great care. Todd realizes that employees need to have an environment of trust hence encourages entrepreneurs to provide conducive working environment and build a culture that is geared towards enhancing trust and teamwork among colleagues. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

Todd views information acquisition as an important endeavor for everyone in business. He talks about his nature as a well-organized person who ensures he has relevant information on his surroundings. Todd believes it is necessary to remain informed about the immediate and external business environment in order to make sound decisions.

The renowned investor attended Syracuse University where he graduated with a BA in speech communication. He started his career in 1995 working at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator and was able to acquire skills and expertise in the field. This led to his desire to get promotion to higher positions and work with influential personnel in the sector.

Todd joined Legacy Financial group where he achieved great accomplishments in his career. He acquired a reputation for being an achiever and a dedicated employee due to his major contributions at the company. His efforts and interactions with clients grew the company’s services, which translated to increased revenue.

Todd Lubar acquired managerial skills working at Charter Funding. He joined the firm as a senior vice president that exposed him to leadership roles. He left the firm in 2007 having acquired the needed experience and expertise to run his own company.

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