Handy Is Revolutionizing the Cleaning Industry

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the two young men who are responsible for the creation of Handy. The company is now being referred to as the Uber of the home cleaning and maintenance industry. For example, all you would need to do to hire a plumber or a person to clean your home is to press a few buttons on your phone. The simple and fast process is aimed at young consumers who want to spend as little time as possible when it comes to hiring people to perform these tasks. The business model has been flawless to this point. The response to Handy has been overwhelming. Hanrahan and Dua have now expanded Handy’s service to more than 25 markets across the United States.

The comparison to Uber is a good one. The two services (https://www.handy.com/services) operate in much the same way. However, you do not need to worry about the prices of Handy suddenly going up during peak times like is often the case with Uber. It is simple to get started with Handy. You will be ready to go after you download the app. Then all you need to do is type in the zip code of the house that you need to have cleaned. You will then include info on the rooms that are going to be cleaned. You will finish by typing in the specific time that you want the cleaner to arrive. A price quote will be sent to you immediately based on the info you have provided. It is as simple as that. The tip and your local tax are added to the quote that is sent to you. You create an account and include your credit card info. From that point on, your card is billed every time you agree to a price quoted to you by Handy.


How IAP Reacted to Hurricane Mathew and Awarding of US Navy Contract

IAP Worldwide Services has distinguished itself from other companies because of the way they are always prepared to deal with any catastrophe. Nowadays, there is an advancement in technology and increased natural occurrences which can ruin people’s life, and this is the reason IAP Worldwide Services has ensured that it has professional and qualified staff that is well-versed with technology. This ensures that they can handle any emergencies that may arise.

With time, IAP Worldwide Services has acquired an extensive client base and expanded its market, and that is why they are keen to offer many services to cater for the needs of different organizations. Recently, it purchased two units; one in Oklahoma whiles another one in Aberdeen, further strengthening its operations.

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The Navy Contract

The company has also clinched a contract with the Navy worth $900 million. IAP was able to win the contract because of consistently providing quality services to different businesses that have succeeded. For instance, the company has been entering a contract with the defense force creating strong ties with the US army; therefore, this is not the first time the company is working with the security forces. It has collaborated with the Air Force since 1996 so the Navy awarded them the contract as a way of appreciating their constant support to the national security.

The agreement enables IAP to offer its support to the Navy regarding infrastructure, maintenance, and other operations. IAP Worldwide Services will also be charged with providing reconstruction services and humanitarian support in case of disaster strikes across the whole world. The company will also support the military during its operations globally.

To show that it is capable of achieving its goals, IAP Worldwide Services promptly responded during the Hurricane Mathew providing aerial, ground and humanitarian support to those who were affected. They deployed experts immediately who moved swiftly to offer support to the victims. During Hurricane Mathew, the company was tasked with a variety of activities such as the provision of a communication system, emergency power and evacuating residents hence fulfilling their contract which they signed with the US Army Corps.

Once the storm hit, IAP Worldwide made a swift action and employed professionals who reactivated emergency power generators. Considering how the company worked hard during disaster strike such as Hurricane Mathew, it will continue to receive favors and win contracts because it performs without fail. The company will keep working with the defense force so as to boost national security and save millions of lives through its humanitarian endeavors.

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Ignition Financial is a Home of Affordable Auto Loan Financing Options

Ignition Financial is an authority in matching clients with ideal auto loan financing options. The Texas-based loan services provider opened its doors back in 2015 as an automotive finance firm. The company is a subsection of the Tenura Holdings portfolio. The Loan Advisors can assist customers with purchasing a leased vehicle, refinancing an existing auto loan, or buying a company car.


What services does the company offer?


The firm is a powerhouse when it comes to auto refinancing and matching a borrower with a dealer or bank transaction that provides the borrower with the ideal rate according to his or her credit history. Today, most American consumers misunderstand the existing auto-lending market. Most of them will admit that they have little information concerning the process of purchasing a car as well as the financing aspect.


Although Americans are conscious of the amount of money they are willing to pay for new vehicles, they end up paying at a rate that is between 2 to 4 percent higher. These rates are higher due to the transactions between the lenders and the dealership that take place behind the scenes. Lenders have come with several lucrative incentives to lure the dealers into giving them as many auto loans as possible. The dealer markup is a popular incentive in which the lender creates a buy rate and offers a chance for the dealer to increase the rate during the contracting period. According to this plan, the dealer earns interest from the higher rate during the period of loan closing. Ignition loan professionals can chip in to ensure that clients receive the actual buy rate by connecting them directly to the credit union or the bank.


What makes Ignition loan services ideal?


  • Slash my payments: Under this plan, Ignition reduces the borrowers’ payment significantly. In other words, the company refinances the loan to lesser monthly payment.


  • Incorporate the extras: Ignition ensures the rates are still cost-effective even after including extras such as fees and taxes.



  • Obtain the lowest rates: The Company conducts intensive research and secures the best rates that suit the borrowers’ budget.


  • Get professional assistance: Ignition’s professionals have cumulative experience and in-depth knowledge when it comes to handling the title work. They assist the clients with the paperwork and any other procedure necessary for obtaining a loan.



  • Simple and time-conscious: The Company has simplified the auto refinance process. Therefore, borrowers can secure affordable auto loans on time and in a hassle free manner.



Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Bold, Fearless And Empowering.

When many of us put on traditional and safe makeup, we are getting ready to begin our day. It becomes a routine to allow us to look more attractive. Period.


Lime Crime makeup is a totally different and sometimes wild experience, because when you apply their bold and in your face cosmetics, you are unleashing another side of your personality. The pigments are rich and colors out of the ordinary, and Doe Deere wouldn’t want it any other way. She is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, and she sat down with IdeaMensch.com to talk about her brand’s amazing rise to the top.


Doe Deere began her cosmetics journey in 2008. She launched e-commerce brand Lime Crime to offer women and men another choice in makeup, one that was more daring, unapologetic and fearless. Doe Deere wasn’t sure many would understand her makeup attitude and philosophy, but she underestimated the growing appeal. Today, Lime Crime is a makeup that appears on the street and red carpet. The brand has soared to new heights on social media, with Lime Crime’s Instagram earning more than 2.4 million followers.


Doe Deere tells IdeaMensch.com that she wears her own brand, because she loves the bright, playful colors and textures. She tries out every new item she creates, so she can feel its impact, the mood it evokes and how it blends into the skin. She also works with a lab chemist in developing new makeup. So, Doe Deere is very hands on and quite protective of her independent makeup company. She has worked extremely hard to give pop culture a line of cosmetics that encourages self-empowerment and unique beauty standards.


Lime Crime makeup offers the wearer a head-turning experience. The color palettes are beyond “normal shades.” It’s not unusual for liquid to matte lipstick hues in Squash, Schroom, Cement, Peacock and Alien Green. These colors are hauntingly gorgeous and different with long-lasting, quality pigments.


Doe Deere believes that hair, fashion and makeup are all tied in together and should be fun and full of color. That’s why you often see Doe Deere with playful lavender locks or blue or pink. Doe Deere also likes being a business mentor to her makeup obsessed fans, encouraging them to step forward with courage and carve out their own corner of the world.


To see the beauty of Lime Crime makeup, click here.


8 Inexpensive Interior Design for Your Modern Home

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home. There are hundreds of simple décor ideas to make over your home in no time. Colorful accents, paint, a little wallpaper and slight tweaking of room furniture can make a big difference to your house. Apart from applying new wallpaper and paint, there are many other natural, easy and cheap yet exciting things you can do to make your home a better, more beautiful place to live. These ideas only call for little imagination but add instant style to your abode.

Following are some cheap but very effective home décor ideas to consider.

Hang Canvas on the Walls:

Canvas prints are relatively a new genre of photography or fine arts. They can help you capture memorable moments of your life forever. However, you can also brighten up the blank walls of your home with the help of different types of canvas prints. The canvas should fill the wall if you want to further spruce up the atmosphere.


by DKOR Interiors Inc.

Hang Plates:

You don’t only have to hang pieces of art on the wall. You can create a shocking but exciting ambiance by hanging things like plates on the room walls. Plates should have unexpected colors to make the atmosphere inviting. Size of the plates, textures and hues can vary greatly depending upon how large or small your room is. The most dramatic plate should be in the center of the collage as it will help you create a fascinating focal point in the room.


by Design Line Construction  

Coffered Ceilings:

Installing coffered ceiling in your room is such a great idea to implement. A coffered ceiling looks extremely cool and classy. Most importantly, different types and designs of these ceilings are available in the market, helping you to make your rooms more attractive and eye catching. You can also use custom paint colors to enhance the overall appearance. These ceilings are easier to install while compared to other types of ceiling.


by Sara Hopkins   

Use Outdoor Wickers:

 You can also place outdoor wickers in the room if you want to change the overall mood of the room. There are many things you can do with your wickers to get the arrangement right. For instance, you can put multicolored cushions on the chairs or mix the wickers with your main upholstered pieces. It is also an excellent idea to put chairs close to a window or any other sunny corner of the room.


by OLSON LEWIS Architects  

Decorate with Sea Shells:

If you live in a coastal city, you should have no problem in collecting as many sea shells as you want. However, they are easily available in every city across the country. You can warm up the kitchen with the help of sea shells. They will also help you create a rustic, relaxed display in kitchen, bathroom or entryway. This is perhaps the cheapest home décor idea you can ever come across.


by GH3 Enterprises LLC

Make a Bold Statement:

One of the easiest methods to make a bold statement in your room is to use colored lamp shades. You can create a breathtaking ambiance in your room by using a certain color only in one room. Use different shades for different rooms to take the breath of your visitors away. For a more subtle look, use neutral tones such as white for lamp shades.


by RLH Studio  

Mixed Patterns:

 Mixed design patterns will help you create an amazing atmosphere in your room. For instance, you can impart a spring-like look to your room with the help of floral bed sheets. Similarly, pairing crisp white linen sheets with multicolored pillowcases will also enable you to get the same result. Keeping the background white will help you get a harmonious look. Another option is to use a vintage floral tablecloth for side tables.


by McGill Design Group

Home renovation does not have to be expensive. You don’t need to bust your budget to get the home of your dreams. Above mentioned ideas will help you transform your home into a beautiful and comfortable residence overnight without spending a lot of money.


Global Analytics acquires Josh Verne’s Workpays.me

Money lending is one of the toughest business in the lending industry. There are a lot of considerations before an organization can decide to offer a client some credit. Some of the factors considered are their ability to repay the loan because not all the borrowers have a credible credit rating. Organization employs some tactics and strategies to enable them to determine the suitable candidates when it comes to borrowing and lending. Many startups have failed due to competition from the banks. However, some like Workpays.me have thrived. A working strategy can be attributed to success.


>me was established in 2012 by Josh Verne, Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas. The company is an established money lender with a customer base of several million people in the USA alone. The number is bound to increase the popularity of the organization. The company offers credit to individual using various payment plans whereby the customer is debited directly from the person’s bank or the individual’s employers through payroll.


me dedicates itself to ensuring that its clients get a wide range of loan products cheaply without imposing exorbitant rates or hidden fees. The strategy is very attractive to its clients as it promotes financial success to the customers

me was recently acquired by Global Analytics. The organization which has been a success in England views Workpays.me as a potential moneymaker as it tries to expand in the USA. Global Analytics has an analytics software that it currently uses for its platform in England called Zebit. The software is imperative as it is used to analyze the borrowing capabilities of the customer through the use of social media. Global Analytics decided to acquire Workpays.me as it views its market dynamics similar to those of Zebit.



The acquisition of Workpays.me by Global Analytics will see the current 19 employees of the organization remain in their offices in the Philadelphia area. Although Zebit has 17 employees in its San Diego Headquarters, the organization has hundreds employees in both India and the UK. The numbers in the USA may rise as need arises.


The success of Global Analytics is there for everybody to see the organization has seen unprecedented growth in the recent past. Apart from increasing its investments, it has also increased the amount of money it lends to its customers.


Josh Verne has played a pivotal role in the success of Workpays.me. He has spear headed the initiatives and strategies employed by the organization for its success.



Sam Tabar’s Career Moves Throughout The Industry

Sam Tabar’s career has seen him work in a few companies in influential positions. As head of Capital strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, he introduced fund managers to institutional enterprises like fund of funds, endowments, family offices and foundations. He also managed the capital allocations cycle including fund managers and their investors. Over his employment period at the bank, an over 1250 supplemental rolodex of institutional investors was built. While in this company, he helped in building office teams and consulted on legal operations. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, he worked for Sparx Group as Co-Head of Marketing. This was the most successful fund in Asia Pacific. This position saw him manage all facets of the marketing effort.

Current Position

At Full Cycle, Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer. Here, he raises funds, scrutinizes legal matters as well as tax related compliance and regulations. Apparel appointed him as CFO owing to his experience and expertise in financial matters.

Legal Work

Sam Tabar was an attorney at Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate&Flom. At Skadden he helped clients learn how to form hedge funds and also investment management. He counseled clients on other matters as well: private placements, employment issues, compliance issues and regulations. He also worked in a similar capacity for Schulte, Ruth &Zabel, but left in March 2014. Privately, he invested in Tribute and also SheThinx: a firm responsible for reinventing feminine hygiene by empowering women around the world. SheThinkx is one of his well-known client as it helps women step into the social world and innovate.


After his graduation from Oxford University, where he graduated with honors, he joint Colombia Law School and was the associate editor for the Colombia Business Law Review. He is currently a member of the New York State Bar. Tabar is a multilingual, speaking both English and French fluently. He has a functional command of Japanese.

Sam Tabar loves music, rowing and enjoys ballroom dancing. He posts on Vimeo, some of the amateur videos he makes at his own leisure. These posts are mainly nature posts. He has a twitter account and is also on Facebook.

Flavio Maluf Explains The Consequences Of Brexit

In 2016, the European Union saw the exit of the United Kingdom from their membership countries. After the successful referendum held in Britain, it became real that their exit was imminent. Across Europe, the stock markets experienced the effect of the exit. The sterling pound was also devalued by the departure of Britain from the European Union. This was one of the biggest crashes ever recorded since 1985. The Brazilian businessman and president of Eucatex Group of Companies, Flavio Maluf, give us the meaning of this exit to the world economy and Britain’s.

According to Flavio, a careful look at the economy of Britain is critical. According to research, the European Union had its success through the help of the United Kingdom. The economy of the country will also be affected by the new regulations that restrict the free movement of people and goods into the country. There will be new rates and tariffs for any extra incoming products and quotas when we look at the European and United Kingdom foreign trade. International trade will experience the adverse effects of the exit. Moreover, Flavio has a positive look at this situation. For the country that enters into trade agreements with the United Kingdom, they will gain through the first monopoly of business with the nation.

The prominent entrepreneur and businessman have also analyzed the departures effect to the exports and imports in Brazil. Initially, there were impairments in extra-nation trades with other countries. These benefits will be impaired due to the limited benefits gained by the two nations.

As a matter of fact, looks at the effect of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Since the United Kingdom had its establishment in other countries, their economy will weaken after the breakage. The economy of France is growing unstable due to the effect of the exit. The only hope for the European Union is Germany. Flavio’s Contribution, being an experienced and successful businessman, is beneficial to the business world. He is also a qualified mechanical engineer. He is considered as one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country. While he leads the most eco-friendly company in the country, his fortune comes from domestic trades.

EOS: The Innovation of the Lip Balm Industry

Until lip balm makers EOS (Evolution of Smooth) arrived on the health and beauty scene, choices for lip balm were fairly limited. The same few varieties in the same shapes were offered by a handful of popular brands. Although, to many, it would have seemed that there wasn’t much of a way to revolutionize the industry at that time, the creators of the lip balm giant saw undeniable opportunity.

The founders of EOS wanted to make the lip balm experience a fun one, engaging all five senses. They wanted their target audience to be style-conscious women between the ages of 25 and 35, as this is the demographic they believed would want new lip balm options. After an extensive amount of research and development, it was decided that EOS lip balm would release colorful, sphere-shaped lip balm, made from organic ingredients and offered in numerous flavors.

After a successful meeting with a buyer at Walgreens, EOS earned their first account with the store. Quickly following were accounts with eBay, Target and Walmart, helping lead to the massive success of the company. Once EOS had product offerings placed in these stores, it began to focus on a unique marketing strategy. Rather than relying solely on traditional advertising methods, the brand leveraged influencer marketing. EOS continues to reach its millennial audience through an impressive social media presence and celebrity endorsements. Now an industry leader, the lip balm is the second best-selling lip balm brand in the United States. Visit their website, evolutionofsmooth.com.

EOS FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/eos/

Geoffrey Cone Provides Moving Help


Geoffrey Cone works to advise people on what they should do when they are making a move to a different country. He wants to make sure that people know what they are able to do when they are planning to move and he does everything that he can to show people the different aspects of moving to a new country. He even helps to advise people on what countries would be best for them to be able to move to.


Tax havens are great places for people to move to when they are considering a global move. These countries are especially beneficial for people who make a lot of money and are harmed by being charged a lot of money in taxes. This is something that a tax haven will prevent and that people can truly begin to enjoy when they move to a tax haven country so that they don’t have to pay very high taxes on their income. They will be able to save more money than if they were living in a country that isn’t a tax haven.


Many people think that tax haven and tax transparent are the same thing but they are not even really related except that they both have to deal with taxes. While tax havens ensure that people can save money on taxes, tax transparent countries only tell people what they will be paying in taxes. This is something that they want to make sure that is the right thing and that they are able to do more with because of the way that they do different things within their own country.


New Zealand is one of the countries that is a tax transparent country but is not a tax haven. It is important to note that the country still has high taxes and this is something that most developed countries do have. The taxes are high compared to tax havens but they are right on average compared to other countries that are like New Zealand. People who are considering moving to New Zealand must take into account the fact that they will not be saving any money on taxes but that they will simply be learning what the taxes will be like before they move to the country.


No matter what country someone is going to move to or the reasons behind it, they should always make sure that they have an attorney who will be able to help them with the process. It is important that people know what they are doing when they are moving to a foreign country and an attorney, like global attorney Geoffrey Cone, will be able to give them the exact advice that they need to move.

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