Airline Stops Service to Venezuela

CNN Money just reported that Lufthansa, one of the biggest European airlines, has just announced and posted on their facebook page that it has stopped all flight service to Venezuela. The official reasons for the decision to stop flight service include that Venezuelan currency is becoming increasingly more difficult to exchange and that demand has significantly decreased for travel to Venezuela in recent months. Given the unfortunate state of the Venezuelan economy and the shortages throughout the country, this decision should not come as a shock.
For months now, Venezuela has been struggling with a massive energy shortage. In addition by expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figuroa, inflation rates are skyrocketing, which makes international business much more difficult to facilitate. Despite having more oil reserves than any other country in the world, Venezuela is facing a serious economic catastrophe. Lufthansa is just one of a growing list of international companies that are stopping service or operations in Venezuela as a result of the country’s turmoil. It seems unlikely that Venezuela will be able to turn this situation around anytime soon, especially because the government’s policies so far have been incredibly ineffective.

In response to the crippling economic situation in Venezuela, the government has instituted rolling blackouts and reduced public sector work weeks to try to reign in the country’s energy usage. So far, these measures have not worked to curb the spiraling inflation rate or alleviate the food shortages that threaten to completely cripple the country for years.

Prank Calls Target George Soros Open Society Foundation

The Open Society Foundation has been the victim of recent prank calls. These calls are supposedly an attempt by those who do not agree with their agenda to shut them down. The problem is that these prank callers seemingly do not know how to use even the simplest technology and have been easily identified.

The Open Society is the brainchild of George Soros. Its main objective is to hold governments responsible for their actions. The society further wants to aid in upholding the rights of all human beings as well as assure that no one person or group holds the sole line to the truth. Visit to know more about George.

Soros came from Hungary. When he was a child his family had to flee the country because of Nazi occupation. He grew to go to college in London where he learned a significant amount. He soon moved to New York where he broke into finance and management. Slowly growing George Soros’ experience he eventually made a windfall and became quite wealthy.

Soros sees his wealth as more of a responsibility that a blessing. He feels that his aggregate wealth makes him accountable to others and assuring that their rights and safety are protected. This is one of the reasons why George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation.

The recent prank calls expose one James O’Keefe. On the call he used a false identity. After leaving his message, he did not hang up the call. This is when his plans to take down the society were revealed. He then also goes into depth about using another person’s social media page to get information in order to enact his plan.

George Soros has expressed a lack of surprise when hearing of O’Keefe’s plan. He is throughout the news for offering substantial backing to political campaigns as well as investing millions in hedge funds and then deciding to withdraw his monies. Soros brings with him controversy simply because of his wealth and what he chooses to do with it.

Having founded the Open Society has only brought more attention to himself. Stating that upholding the values of a truly free society where harm and fear are devoid values brings his name to the forefront of many a country and their plights. These plans to shut the society down are obviously from someone who feels disgruntled about George Soros’ involvement in so many high profile issues.

James O’Keefe is a well known conservative. By the tone and words of his prank call he is obviously upset about the level of involvement Soros is making in the realm of world politics. As a well known financial figure O’Keefe probably feels that Soros should not be getting involved in so much. At one point in his call O’Keefe stated on that he needed hundreds of other people to make calls to the society in order to flood them with calls.

Whatever the purpose of the call was, one thing is for sure. O’Keefe obviously does not have a firm grasp on the technology of today. Even his attempt at infiltrating the social media page he left tracks back to his own account.

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Charles Koch Warning to Donald Trump

Politics never seizes to amaze the world. Politicians themselves like Donald Trump have pulled a surprise campaign amazing the whole world. This may be the reason why Charles Koch does not seem to see eye to eye with the Republican presidential aspirant, Trump. Koch, who is considered a wise head in politics for being in the industry for long, seems to be having a point when he warns Trump.

However, details are still sketchy on the specific reasons why Koch had to warn Trump. However, experts are not taking this statement lightly. Koch who is a conservative donor notes with bitterness that Trump presidential aspirations may not come true. He compares Trump with George Wallace or Perrot. This means terming him as a fringe candidate. Nevertheless, Trump does not seem aroused by these statements as he has not made official communication to Koch.

Koch has not only been pushing for moderation on how the politics of the day are run but he presses for a shift to a politics of ideas. Some years ago, he funded the start of Cato Institute. This is because he believes in a politics which will not just divide votes. The ideas include education, commercial liability, public pensions, taxes, welfare, regulation and policing. According to him, the country would run better with such ideas on the forefront.

Koch, who is 80, is an American businessman who has also turned a philanthropist. His life has also been centered in politics. This is marked by donation to different political initiatives. He is a co-founder plus chairman to the board of Koch Industries. He also serves as CEO in the company which deals with manufacturing equipment to help fight pollution. His company comes second by revenue among the private companies in the United States. He supports different education based initiatives. Koch, who is a controversial plus powerful political figure, attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His net worth is $43 billion.

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Eric Pulier: The Man Who Has Dabbled in a Bit of Everything

As a business man, philanthropist, technologist, writer, and public speaker, it seems that Eric Pulier does it all. This founder of over fifteen businesses studied English and literature, computer science, and visual and environmental studies at Harvard University. He later went on to become one of the greatest of all business leaders in government and enterprise technology.

Pulier’s main niche lies, not only in the world of business, but in computer science and software as well. The majority of his endeavors have gone toward technology, investment, and charities. For example, Pulier has invested in many companies, including Digital Evolution, a Creative Production Studio that works with advertising. He is also the Co-founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMesh, a semi-recent and unique computer software for cloud management. He has had great financial success with most of his investments over the years.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore invited Pulier to also participate in an important event of their second inauguration in Washington DC. This event, known as the “Bridge to the 21st Century,” contained exhibits that were meant to represent the future of technology, from advances in education and medicine, to the environment and the government.

In addition, Eric Pulier has donated his extra time and money to charity organizations for different worthy causes. He has, in particular, used technological innovation to help the ill and impaired. People of Africa who are in need and those who struggle to afford higher education have been major charity focuses of Pulier, and he also designed a virtual world called the Starbright World for children suffering from chronic illnesses.

Lastly, Pulier has been involved in a few published works. He co-authored a book called “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” which was designed to help people see technology and business in a different light. He also published a piece called “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” in Forbes Magazine in 2012.

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John Goullet’s Participation in the Growth of DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is a top privately owned firm that deals with IT staffing. The company is based in the United States and is certified to operate as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. DIVERSANT is held mainly by African-Americans and provides its clients with a broad variety of accessible and dependable IT staffing services and products, which include IT staffing augmentation, direct contracting and creative diversity solutions. The firm’s goods and services are based on superb policies, which have a primary goal of fulfilling the needs of the clients, partners, and communities that count on it. DIVERSANT provides its customers with proper solutions for critical IT problems, by using consultative approaches and involving them as close associates.

Technology is radically evolving in the business world, and this has led to high demand and competition for IT professionals. DIVERSANT LLC takes up the role of obtaining the appropriate IT talent for diverse businesses by recruiting competent IT professionals through its rigorous sourcing and vetting processes. The IT specialists who are hired by the company have the necessary skill to provide clients with a complete cycle of customized software development. DIVERSANT has a lot of experience in staffing, and therefore, matches different experts with the right companies, where their talent is required. The ability of the firm to match IT experts’ skill and experience with various cultures builds healthy and durable relationships with its clients.

John Goullet is a prominent business mogul who serves as DIVERSANT LLC’s Principle. He founded many successful IT companies from the time he switched his career to IT staffing in 1994 from being an IT consultant. Due to his experience and extensive knowledge on developing market drifts, John founded Info Technologies as a staffing company with a primary goal of providing IT solution to the Fortune 500 companies in the US. Info Technology made various accomplishments including being ranked eighth on the Inc. Magazine’s top 500 fastest-rising private firms in America. Mr. Goullet managed to grow his business’ net worth to 30 million dollars within five years. In 2010, he merged the business with DIVERSANT Inc. to form DIVERSANT LLC, where he has continued pursuing his passion for creating IT solutions.

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About Keith Mann And Dynamic Search Partners

In March 2016, Keith Mann and Dynamic Search Partners organized a fundraising event for the Uncommon Schools that was held at Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The epic event brought together members of the financial services community and managed to raise not less than $22,000. The funds were used to sponsor student testing for the 2014-2015 school year.

Explaining the fundraising, Kenneth said that the main goal of the Uncommon Schools is to narrow the achievement gap and in the process, prepare millions of low-income college students with an opportunity to graduate from college. He said that Dynamic Search Partners was in full support of the program and that they fathom an environment where everyone is provided with an opportunity to go to college.

Dynamic Search Partners became part of the program in 2013. Together with Uncommon Schools, they have been looking for ways where students are provided with opportunities to learn tactical and practical skills that will help them not just when they are in college, but beyond. Keith has been very instrumental in supporting their innovation to academic excellence and looks forward to being part of the arrangement even in years to come.

According to Business Wire, Keith was also impressed with a tour of the schools and even got the rare opportunity to sit in on the classes and meet with seniors as well. For not less than 15 years, he has been working in the executive search industry. He is an expert in matters related to hedge fund compensation, hiring and staffing.

Keith Mann was responsible for starting the Alternate Investment Practice that is within Dynamics Executive Search. In 2002, he fathomed the hedge fund industry as rapidly growing industry that was untapped by the search community. He, therefore, established Dynamic Search Partners as a firm that is exclusively dedicated to helping out alternative investment firms.

Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of DSP and is responsible for the day to day management of the firm. He plays a very vital role in assisting his clients in hiring investment,internal strategies as well as marketing.His firm works across the United States, Europe, and Asia and manages to fill not less than 200 clients per year.

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Handy: the on-demand service that will fill the void.

The on-demand service economy has been steadily rising for quite some time now. Many startups are rising and falling before anyone realized it. It’s difficult in this economy and system to grow one of the new on-demand companies and few critics would wrongfully say the entire business is unsustainable, however one company is proving the critics wrong. Handy is an on-demand cleaning service that will break and set a higher expectation. The company has been growing tremendously since its inception and has raised millions from investors and has been able to expand into furniture delivery, Handy Delivery. Handy Delivery debuted in New York City in 2015 has been a fantastic addition to the service raising several million dollars itself and is a service many are keeping an eye on.

Why does Handy have such a grasp on it’s market? Most won’t understand the perplexity of the industry of on-demand services. A careful blend of economics and outstanding business is what makes up a successful service like Handy and Handy Delivery. There exists an approximated 124.6 million households in the United States, all of which require cleaning and furniture. With such a broad customer base its easy to see how the convenience of Handy cleaning can win over hearts.

The largest influence to an on-demand service such as Handy is cost to the customer. By breaking the employee relationship constraint, Handy is able to diminish the costs of services immensely. This attracts customers as it becomes a win-win situation for due to the convenience including the ease of use and the price.

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James Dondero Increases Stakes in Sally Beauty Holdings and Progressive Corporation

According to the 2016 first quarter report filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, James Dondero, President and Co-owner of Highland Capital Management increased its share holdings in Sally Beauty and Progressive Corporation. During the first quarter, Highland Capital purchased 158,240 shares of Sally Beauty Holdings and 10,000 shares of Progressive Corp. At the end of March, the investment firm reported its stake increased to 674,688 shares in Sally stock and 355,150 shares in Progressive stock. James Dondero also reported Highland increased its stake in Salesforce Corn Inc.

Highland Capital Management decreased its stake holdings in Athenahealth Inc., based on the report filing with SEC at the end of the first quarter. By December 2015 end, Highland sold 78,976 shares, which is approximately an 83 percent decrease of the 95,000 shares previously held. The firm held 16,024 at the end of March 2016, which was valued at $2.2 million. Athenahealth Inc provides cloud and mobile app services to medical facilities and health systems, such as medical billing and electronic medical records. After the stock of the company was reduced by over 12 percent, Highland reduced its stake to protect their investments.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment management firm, in the early 1990s, before its name changed from Protective Life and Ranger Asset Management. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, TX and has branch offices in NYC, England, and Singapore. Mr. Dondero helped to build Highland Capital into one of the top international investment firms in the industry. The management firm manages more than $15 billion in assets and has received Lipper Fund Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Dondero received an Accounting & Finance degree from the University of Virginia. He is a registered advisor with SEC and holds certificates as a Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. For over 25 years, James has worked as an investment advisor and hedge fund manager. Since Highland Capital was formed, the firm introduced the first non-bank collaterized loan obligation (CLO) and the 40 Act alternative investment platform.

Highland Capital Management, LP made strategic investment decisions to decease and increase its stakes in various companies. The firm decreased its stake in Athenahealth Inc.; and increased its stakes in Sally Beauty Holdings and Salesforce Corn Inc, according to Franklin Independent (May 16th, 2016). Most of its holdings in Athenahealth was sold, leaving the firm with nearly 14 percent of the previous reported holdings the end of 2015.

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Putting Wen By Chaz to the Test

When hair stylist, Chaz Dean, whose appointment book is filled with celebrity clients, realized that traditional shampoo contains harsh cleansers and chemicals, he decided to create a healthier product for his customers. Using botanicals and other natural ingredients, he came up with his line of cleaning conditioners, WEN.
Unlike traditional shampoos that cleanse hair by stripping away natural oils, this sephora marketed product cleans and conditions hair without using Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Most shampoo contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to give it lots of sudsy foam. It is a harsh chemical that can irritate the scalp and cause stinging, redness, itching and burning of the skin.

Chaz Dean uses many of his celebrity clients to advertise Wen. His infomercials show them tossing around their stunningly gorgeous tresses while they share how amazed they are to have such lovely hair without the use of shampoo. It can be a little hard to believe that a normal everyday person can have hair as beautiful as a movie star, so salon worker Emma McClure decided to put Wen to the test. reports that she used the product for seven days, with interesting results.

Emma, who has fine hair, was leery to use the amount of product that Chas recommends, but after following his directions, she found that her hair felt thicker and full of volume. The cleansing conditioner left her hair incredibly soft. It was so soft that curls didn’t always stay in all day, but she admitted that wasn’t unusual due to the thin texture of her hair. She also reported that she had to be diligent about using the product on a daily basis or her hair would start to get greasy. Overall she was pleased with the results.

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Lime Crime Is Increasing In Online Popularity


As of May 2016, Lime Crime, the all-natural makeup company known for its bright and attention-getting colors, has exceeded the two-million follower mark on Instagram.

The founder and CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, is a pioneer when it comes to selling cosmetics via e-commerce. Deere is credited with introducing the online lipstick swatch on the lips of a model, so that virtual shoppers can get a realistic idea of what the lipstick will look like.

Lime Crime has been in business for about eight years now, and Doe Deere continues to use her creative instincts to engage customers all around the world via social media. Deere shares that Instagram is one of the methods Lime Crime uses to become even more of an innovator in e-commerce. She states that she wants to create a satisfactory shopping experience for her customers. Doe says that while most companies simply want to showcase their products on Instagram, she wants to actually engage with her customers and make their shopping experience worthwhile.

The Instagram posts from Lime Crime feature makeup looks that have been submitted by fans of the makeup line, using the hashtag, #limecrime. Users submit photos that feature everything from bold, ombre lips to nail art that is intricate and fascinating. Some users also upload pictures of color eye makeup, using eye shadows from Lime Crime. Doe shares these photos on the Lime Crime Instagram page because she wants to inspire her followers to be more imaginative. Deere also says that she wants her cruelty-free cosmetics company to inspire women to take more risks when it comes to their hair, clothing and overall fashion choices. Deere refers to Lime Crime fans as “unicorns,” and says that she’s happy to showcase the looks that customers come up with.

Doe Deere is also a makeup artist, and she often showcases the lipsticks and eye shadows from her line as a model in order to give customers ideas for their looks. Deere has also been known to wear wild hair colors, and doesn’t believe in occasion-appropriate clothing. She feels that women should wear things that make them feel comfortable and beautiful, without worrying about society’s regulations.

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