George Soros’ Once in a Lifetime Return

Salary and Dominion in the Hands of George Soros

It remains one affair to bear a man with money, but it prevails another to bear a man with money and power. Not only can he choose to proceed with what he desires, but he also attains the resources to conduct the action itself. George Soros’s following benefit from having a man like him who is not only affluent and influential, but also healthy minded when it comes to representing the Democratic Party in politics. George Soros, proposed to be one of the wealthiest investors in the world with a net worth of 25.2 billion U.S. dollars, is a Hungarian-American business attraction. He is acknowledged for supporting and seeking an open society within the realm of America politics. Soros once stated, “I give away something up to $500 million a year throughout the world promoting Open Society. My foundations support people in the country who care about an open society. It’s their work that I’m supporting. So it’s not me doing it.” Soros and his alluring wealth is solely for the people, and not himself. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros’s Recent Arrival

For a while George Soros escaped to becoming undercover in the business and political world; his giving remained at a minimum low. People assumed Soros and his career had either vanished or retired. But, as of 2016 and the upbringing of Hillary Clinton campaign that theory began to evolve quickly. It may have been Soros’s 25-year friendship with Clinton or his respect for the Democratic Party that prompted him to donate over 25 million U.S. dollars to the Clinton Campaign and other running Democrats.

With Accomplishment Follows Affliction

As Soros becomes more of hero and political figure every day, he stands firm in the position he believes and fights for. Donald Trump charged Soros with “doing the work of Isis.” Soros replied separately, “Now that I have called you on your false accusation, you are using additional smear tactics.” When one is a true supporter of a necessary cause, the opposing side is bound to lash out with hostility and hatred.

George Soros Continues His Spur of Generosity with the Ferguson Protest

One would assume the largest donations to the liberal protests would be (supporters of) victims like Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, or Philando Castile. However, a 33 million U.S. dollar donation to activist groups sprung out of Soros’s pocket to the surprise of many business parties. He quoted, “When I had made more money than I needed for myself and my family, I set up a foundation to promote the values and principles of a free and open society.” Soros’s donation came directly from his Open Society Foundation according to recent tax forms. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros’s History of Grants

To a seven year who checks underneath his pillow after losing a tooth, 20 dollars is a lot; to a seventeen year old who is struggling to save for future college expenses, 20,000 is a lot; but, to Soros, who gives his money to reasonable causes frequently, donating a little less than 20,000,000 dollars a year is no big deal because in 2016, records show he donated that amount in total.

Honey Birdette Crafts Intercontinental Business Development Plan

The up and coming Australian based lingerie retailer, Honey Birdette, has announced a fascinating and impressive new plan for huge business developments in both the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom. The company decided to move into the market niche provided by the United States of America after experiencing a massive uptick in scales of 374 %. To ensure the greatest arousal of interest from the newfound US market share, Honey Birdette has upped the ante with their new site by offering highly compelling special offers and discounts such as completely free shipping and delivery of any piece of intimate wear (bras, girdles, panties, ect.) of $ 50.00 or more dollars. Free express delivery is also offered for any purchase of store product or products that range upwards of $ 100.00 which is quite a tempting offer.

In the United Kingdoms, however, the lingerie company is looking to make their mark in a considerably more terrestrial way by increasing the number of on the ground retailer boutiques from three (their current number of UK stores) all the way up to forty sometime around the tail end of 2018. This move will increase the companies total number of stores, worldwide, to 95 (55 in Australia, 40 in the UK) with more stores to come in the United States sometime in the as yet undetermined future.

As seen here on YouTube, Honey Birdette was founded by the Australian entrepreneur, Eloise Monahan in 2006 after a later night chat with her friends about how few intimates stores their were that catered exclusively to women. It is currently considered one of the most interesting and fastest growing companies within the industry and is financially backed by the meat distribution and property development and retail investment company, BBRC.

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Jim Tananbaum And His Contributions In The Healthcare Sector

Foresite was founded in 2011 by a renowned entrepreneur called Jim Tananbaum. The company identifies disorderly healthcare entities and helps them to grow to profitability by providing them with capital, resources, information, and networks. As the Founder and the CEO of the company, Tananbaum has helped transform Foresite to a universal powerhouse. Who is Jim Tananbaum? What makes him so successful? To say the least, Jim is an investor who focuses on healthcare and drug development. Check out his page to know more.

After university, Jim co-founded GelTex Pharmaceutical, a company that brought the NASDAQ and the GENZ to the market. GelTex introduced Ranagel, the drug that produced more than $200 million in annual revenue. The massive success of Ranagel put GelTex on the map and led to its sale in 1998 for $1.6 billion. Jim later co-founded Theravance and served as its CEO. His career progressed quickly, and he went on to establish Foresite Capital.

According to Jim, the need to diversify investment and create numerous investment platforms triggered his idea for Foresite. He started Foresite Capital because he felt most healthcare companies failed due to lack of support. The establishment of Foresite Capital marked the beginning of Jim’s investment journey. To date, Foresite has invested in more than 21 healthcare companies including Amira Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, and Amerigroup. Visit Medium to know more.

Jim has an M.D. and an MBA from Harvard. He also went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his M.S. For a long time, Jim has been passionate about Computer Science and advocated for its use in the health sector. He believes that one needs to have a mentor for to succeed in his or her field of interest. In respect to this, Jim has respectable mentors that include George Whitesides of Harvard and Roy Vagelos of Merck.

Jim continues to use his 25 years of experience to ensure his company thrives in the ever-competitive health service field. Fortunately, his triumphs and brainy healthcare investments have not gone unnoticed because he has featured on the Midas list for three consecutive years. With his keen eye for investment, firm education background, and excellent investment strategies, his next move remains unpredictable.

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Securus Technologies: the Leading Tech Company that Services Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a tech company situated in Dallas, Texas and has been in business since 1986. Securus Technologies has operations in parts of Atlanta, Georgia, Allen, Carrollton, and Texas. This company works with a pool of more than 1,000 employees who provide services to more than 2,600 correctional agencies.


Services offered by Securus Technologies


The CEO of Securus Technologies is Richard Smith, an entrepreneur who joined the company in June 2008. Securus Technology also has operations in part of Canada. This company has for years been reporting increased revenue. In 2016, the company stated that it had increased its patented products by investing more than $600 million. Some the products this company makes includes systems that control entry of contraband in prisons, the Cell Defender technology, Wireless Containment Solution, and other high –tech products. Securus Technologies also serves more than 1,200,000 inmates in various correctional facilities in North America. This company is also at the forefront in providing other services such as:


  • Public information


  • Emergency response



  • Biometric analysis


  • Incident management


Comments from Securus Technologies’ about the use of their products


In October 2016, Securus Technologies published its congratulatory messages for its prospective clients to see. These messages were in the form of letters and emails from satisfied customers thanking Securus Technologies for the efficiency of their products. Among the services praised by the customers was the LBS software that helped a Sherriff’s office get hold of illegal assets and drugs worth of millions of dollars. The inmate calling software also helped shed some light on an ongoing investigation into a shooting. Securus Technologies investigative tools also received acknowledgment for helping solve harassment cases and uncover potential threats to the correctional facility. The company’s reporting data tool also helped minimize the entry of contraband into the prisons. Additionally, Securus Technologies’ covert alert feature was also praised for helping bring a lot of suspects to custody.



Julia Jackson; Upholding the Legacy of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of the late Jess Jackson, the founder of Jackson Family Wines. In 1987, her mother established the Cambria Estate Winery and has run it by herself ever since. The courageous way her mother lived and worked in a male-dominated business inspired the young Miss Jackson who considers her mother to be her role model. In 2014, together with her sister Katherine, they founded the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment; a non-profit program that seeks to inspire other women to follow in the footsteps of warrior women who have overcome the hardships of life. The organization is currently supporting women in Tanzania and Myanmar.

Julia Jackson attended Scripps College where she studied Bachelor of Arts, studio art. Her passion for art comes out in her watermark paintings found on each bottle of Cambria wines. The paintings are her way of honoring recipients and women who exemplify the spirit of Seeds of Empowerment. She also has a certificate in General Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In 2015, the company launched its leading Sonoma County wine in the United Kingdom. At the end of the first tasting session, Julia Jackson acknowledged that Sonoma’s Verite has consistently received high scores from wine enthusiasts. However, Julia argued that the Cabernet stands a chance of being the best wine in Sonoma. She proved this by pointing out that the recent investments in the Sonoma have indicated other people’s growing interest in Sonoma’s high-end Cabernet.

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The Jackson’s family wines have some wine brands in its wine collection. Cambria is a brand of wine produced in California. The vines plantation is in Santa Maria Valley. Barbara Banke, Julia Jackson’s mother and the chairperson of Jackson’s family wines manages this winery. Other brands include Spire Collection and Calina.

Marc Sparks: The Godfather of Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks is a well-known American entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. He currently heads a company named Timber Creek Capital. He is an expert entrepreneur, and for his prolific entrepreneurship skills, he is justly dubbed as entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.


Marc Sparks has an extensive career in entrepreneurship during which he has held and runs a chain of different businesses. One of the areas in which he is significantly involved is the industry of telecommunication, in which he has jointly ventured with various telecom firms including Splash Media. Moreover, he has also engaged in real estate and business solutions.


Marc has an insatiable passion for building companies by developing such ideas that others consider impractical. In his personal enterprise, Timber Creek Capital, he upholds a small collection of companies. The defining feature of how Marc works is that he takes an early idea through a well thought out plan encompassing short and long- term way to develop not only a model of business but a company culture. He serves as a paragon for his employees and his business partners by leading them from the front, setting every aspect of his leadership as an example.


In addition to putting his skills to the development of business, Marc is driven by an unstinting penchant to serve humanity. He is extensively involved in charity efforts in his hometown of Dallas. Since the 1980s, he has been actively engaged in facilitating homeless people in collaboration with a local shelter for homeless, Samaritan Inn. He finds solace in helping the neglected and individuals with no means to subsist. He firmly believes in giving to his community what is due to it. Responding to his innate attribute of beneficence, he has built a large number of homes for homeless people.


Marc’s philanthropic efforts have also been in the area of education, an area he considers to be of great importance. He is an active and vociferous supporter of high school educational institutes in his town. He came up with a unique idea of supporting homeless people not only through providing them with a house but also educating them through a vigorous program of counseling and providing job opportunities.


Marc has shown an inexorable interest in writing. He is currently writing a book for the young and struggling entrepreneurs. In this book, which is titled, They Can’t Eat You, Marcs recapitulates his personal life, the transition from a Grade C high school student to one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the country. By narrating examples from his life, he outlines a path to triumph. This book is an attempt on the part of Marcs to serve as an inspiration for others who might get the keys to success by reading Marcs’ excellent story.


Anthony Petrello: A Mathematician, A Lawyer, And A Philanthropist

Anthony ‘Tony’ Petrello is an attorney, mathematician, and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. He is a distinctive success story of a working class individual who turns out to be a multimillionaire personality. He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey where he worked and studied very hard and has awarded a Bachelor degree following a Master degree from Yale University.

He chose Math as his subject because he likes solving complex math problems. But despite doing innovative work in academia, he chose to attend Harvard Law School, and for that purpose, he studied JD from there which made him a comprehensive package to fit in almost all fields. By starting his professional career with a local firm, he currently holds the position of CEO to one of the prestigious oil and gas drilling firms in the whole world.

Tony Petrello in 1991 elected as a Board of Executive Committee and Director of Nabors Industries. He served in different positions such as Deputy Chairman, President, CEO, and Chairman of boards, Chair of the executive committee and much more. Before Nabors, Tony worked with the law company known as Baker & McKenzie, where he focused his practice on general corporate law, international arbitration and taxation.

He served in Stewart & Stevenson LLC as a director. Petrello also takes part in Texas Children’s Hospital as a member of the Board of Trustees to address the needs of kids with neurological disorders. For numerous young individual, Petrello is an ideal role model. He can use his education, talent and hard work to make a good life for him and his family and also at the same time he also shares his resources such as money and time with organizations and people that need help because he believes that sharing is caring.


Thor Halvorssen: Strength in Numbers

Human rights violations is as old as humanity itself. Virtually every country has had a history of tyranny and unfair treatment. However, humans have come a long way in many cases. A lot of countries have overcome a lot of injustice and are a lot closer to be truly equal in treatment. Unfortunately, there are some countries that are still unequal in their treatment of their citizens. Fortunately, there are activists that are working overtime to put a stop to the injustices of the world. One of them is Thor Halvorssen. He stands out from among the others in the fight for human rights.

One thing that makes Thor Halvorssen stand out from among others is that he is very passionate about what he does. He is also very creative, charming, and persuasive. He fights for people because he loves people. He is also compelling enough to get some celebrities involved in the fight for human rights. Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight Trilogy among other movies has gotten involved in the fight for human rights. He has traveled to different countries that are not very humane in order to meet with certain people that have experienced the injustice of the country.

Thor Halvorssen himself does not stay on the podium. He actually gets involved in the fight. He puts himself at risk and even takes some of the beatings. He considers this as a part of the job. He believes that activists should be willing to run into the battlefield and take on some of the battles. He is not someone who is going to shy away from any real action. This is one of the reasons that he is taken seriously as a human rights activist. He is also gaining a lot of trust from others that are fighting for human rights.


Edwardo Sirotsky Melzer is an Inspiring Model of a Dynamic Generation of New Industry Leaders

Popularly referred to by his nickname “Duda Melzer;” Edwardo Sirotsky Melzer is a serial entrepreneur in the Brazilian media industry. From humble beginnings, and due to sheer hard work, this media mogul is a man who comfortably takes challenges in his strides. Presently, he is the Chairman and President of the RBS Group, a huge conglomerate that dominates the media industry in Brazil, sees He has successfully piloted this organization through many obstacles, and currently, he is also the top executive of eBricks, which is a highly reputable digital investment company with operations both in Brazil and abroad in the United States of America.

Due to his far-reaching vision for the media industry, Edwardo Sirotsky Melzer ( joined the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise Leadership List in 2015. Melzer accomplished this feat because of the exemplary leadership qualities he demonstrates in managing family enterprises. In RSB Group’s hierarchy of leaders, he belongs to the third generation of the enterprising Sirotsky family. Being at the high echelons of a dynamic generation of new leaders gifted with rare entrepreneurial skills is no mean feat to accomplish, but this is what Eduardo has managed. According to, previously, he has won the coveted award of Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst and Young) in the category of Family Business.

Edwardo Sirotsky Melzer is a successful family man, who is happily married and has three children. Apart from his interests in the media industry, he also enjoys sports with a passion that can only be matched by the zeal he displays in business undertakings. He loves participating in horse racing contests. Among his many career qualifications, he studied the theories of the Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations, and Effective Strategies for Media Companies. That is why he provides able leadership in e.Bricks, which has heavily invested in startups with technological platforms able to improve the quality of finance, education, and health services. Duda Melzer is a keen supporter of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Bruce Levenson Doesn’t Want To Give Up The Fight Against AIG Just Yet

Bruce Levenson is the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, along with several other members of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) Group. Levenson and AHBE had sold the team back in early 2015 to Tony Ressler’s group, reports Forbes, but even after the team changed hands it seems AHBE still had a battle on its hands. According to AJC, AHBE says they were entitled to file a claim that covered them for losses relating to workplace torts or termination that were covered under their policy with AIG, their insurance company. AIG doesn’t seem to have acknowledged such a claim was made, nor are they honoring it. So Levenson and AHBE are now taking them to court to seek reparation for damages incurred.

Levenson has been not only an NBA owner, but a businessman who founded his own media conglomerate. He started in journalism back in the 1970s when he was attending law school at American University. He and his friend, Ed Peskowitz started United Communications Group (UCG) back in 1977 and their first newsletter was Oil Express, a newsletter about oil industry developments. Soon UCG began acquiring and starting newsletters for many different industries including mortgage banking, healthcare and Technology. UCG is the parent company for GasBuddy, an app that lets drivers know where the lowest gas prices can be found.

Levenson is also a devoted philanthropist who has chaired organizations designed to help inner city children and their families, including Hoop Dreams, the I Have a Dream Foundation, and the Bringing the Lessons Home program at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Levenson is a major to contributor to this museum not only because of his Jewish Heritage, but because of his mother-in-law who is a Holocaust survivor. Levenson also helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland, .